Getting Back to Work After The COVID-19 Quarantine

Getting Back to Work After The COVID-19 Quarantine

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The whole country wants to get back to some sense of normalcy. So you've been wanting to go back to work after quarantine. But you are also in the group of people who are recommended to stay home due to higher risk factors - you have an underlying medical condition, compromised immune system, or you are just over the age of 60. Is there a way to boost your immune system? How do you do it?

Boost Your Immunity Before You Get Back to Work

At Hallelujah Diet we have been sharing information on how to do just that for almost 30 years. Your immune system is what protects you from bacteria, viruses, and even cancer internally. The short answer is YES, you can go from a compromised immune system to a competent immune system. How long will it take? It is a process. It depends on where you are starting. But each day you can get stronger and stronger as you take steps to become healthier.

The fastest way to get your immune system to protect you is to use the Ultimate Immunity Kit and use it at preventive levels:

1) BarleyMax, 3 teaspoons a day

2) Liposomal Vitamin C, 2 teaspoons a day

3) Silver Biotics, 2 teaspoons a day

4) Glutathion Booster / Selenium, 2 capsules a day

5) Vitamin D3, 50,000 IU per week

Along with what you eat, these supplements will quickly add an extra layer of protection. Since you have underlying medical conditions, it is likely that you already don’t have optimal levels of these nutrients in your body. See, disease comes from deficiency and toxicity. You have to put the good stuff in and leave the bad stuff out to get better from dis-ease. But as you do this more and more, the dis-ease will begin to leave you and you will join the thousands who have experienced a health revolution inside themselves, causing them to shout, “Hallelujah!”

The Power of Greens

If I had to pick just 2 positive dietary changes that would help you get healthy and get back to work quickly, what would they be? Vegetable Juice and Green Smoothies. First, make 16 ounces of fresh, raw vegetable juice for yourself every day. You can do it every other day and store a jar for the next day. With a high-quality juicer, such as the Green Star Elite or Champion Juicer, you can make juice for 3 days at a time. This saves on set up and clean up. Second, make a green/veggie smoothie or blended salad every day. We have recipes you'll love to help get you started! If you do these two things, the vegetable juice and green smoothies, you will be taking in an enormous amount of greens and vegetables in a form that your body will assimilate at maximum rates.

Reduce Sugar and Meat Intake

If I had to pick just 2 negative dietary changes that would make the biggest impact, what would they be? Kick the sugar habit (in beverages, candy, desserts, snacks, etc.) and eliminate / radically reduce meat intake. There are great ways to substitute healthy snacks for candy. Fruit is naturally sweet, and two or three pieces a day is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Drink water for thirst - not soda or fruit juice.

There are many reasons why consuming meat might be ruining your body that all help make a compelling case for eliminating meat from your diet. A meat-centered diet is not the way people eat in areas of the world called Blue Zones, where there are extraordinary large percentages of centenarians. I would go with what has been proven to work over the long term.


Start one day at a time, or one day each week. If you start drinking fresh vegetable juice and green smoothies, you will be on your way to maintaining a strong, healthy immune system. Our supplements can help you, but they don’t replace your diet, they only supplement it. That's why it is also best to kick out the sugar and drop the meat-centered diet. Last, you can also follow the guidelines in our Quick Guide For Staying Healthy. Do all of this together and you will be ready to overcome any health challenge that comes your way.

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COVID19 Good News Update

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