From Asthma to Cancer and Osteoporosis

From Asthma to Cancer and Osteoporosis

People around the world are making a stand for their own health! They're starting at their dinner plate, revising their menus, and transforming their lives!
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I wish you could sit where I sit where I sit or stand where I stand for just one day to hear and read the incredible testimonies that are shared with me daily. Testimonies come from across America and around the world telling of how adopting The Hallelujah Diet has improved people's health and in some instances saved their lives.
Dr. Malkmus, My daughter was diagnosed with asthma 7 years ago. Rather than doing what the doctors wanted me to do for her, I got in touch with my pastor, Rev. Tony A., a Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister here in Nigeria. Pastor Tony encouraged us to change our daughter’s diet by taking away all mucous producing foods from her diet. This we did and we have this testimony. Quickly, after the diet change, the frequency and severity of her asthma attacks were greatly reduced and today almost nonexistent. Thank you for doing such a great job for the Lord and may the Lord continue to strengthen and increase your outreach. Tayo D., Nigeria
I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff there at Hallelujah Acres for everything you do for all of us. The information you share in your Health Tips is GOLDEN! I thank God for you all! God bless you for helping so many. I love you all! Pam R.
I have been on the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle for nearly six years. My reason for changing my diet and lifestyle was an aggressive cancer diagnosis. Well, to make a long story short, as a result of declining all traditional medical treatments and making the diet and lifestyle change, today at the age of 70 years I am still alive, well, and active. I find it so upsetting that The American Cancer Society is still telling people after a cancer diagnosis that adopting a plant-based diet is a very dangerous thing to do. Because of personal experience I know what they are saying is not true, but it does make me wonder how the American Cancer Society can get by with denying this provable truth. Larry J.
Hi Rev. Malkmus I am a cancer survivor as a result of using The Hallelujah Diet as my cancer treatment. However my daughter went the medical route after a leukemia diagnosis. Within just a few hours of diagnosis, because the doctors scared her concerning alternatives, she was rushed into treatment without being given opportunity to consider other options. The doctors gave her both chemotherapy and radiation. Now she is trying to recover from all these medical treatments. As a result of these treatments, her thyroid and adrenals have been severely compromised and she is extremely tired all of the time. Can she use The Hallelujah Diet to help cleanse her body from all those toxins the doctors placed in her body and rebuild her immune system? We are praying for her healing using The Hallelujah Diet even after her immune system has been so compromised with those medical treatments. Thank you and God bless you for your work. Evelyn F.
Dear Rev. Malkmus, I deeply appreciated your Health Tip article regarding the myth surrounding osteoporosis. You put it so clearly that the allopathic medical field is relying on SYMPTOMS and not CAUSES. It’s so sad that alternatives to this wrong-headed system can’t be tolerated. But oh wait – I know why – you can’t patent a carrot nor can you make money promoting a diet change. I am in complete agreement with you and will spread your Health Tips with all of my friends who suffer needlessly at the hands of the medical community. We need to stop the AMA from being the only ‘experts’ in town! Doctors are not taught anything about nutrition and are at least 10 years behind your position and what you teach. Thank you for being that voice ‘crying in the wilderness’! Nancy K.

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