French Documentary Crew Films Saturday Seminar

French Documentary Crew Films Saturday Seminar

The Hallelujah Diet will soon become the focus of a TV documentary in France! Here's the inside scoop on what it's all about.
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Our “God's Way to Ultimate Health” seminar this past Saturday at Hallelujah Acres was an exciting event! The auditorium was nearly full with people coming from 14 different states and four foreign countries. They came from as far away as California and Washington in the U.S. to Poland, Nigeria, Guatemala, and France. Our French guests consisted of a reporter and cameraman. The videotape footage will be used for a one-hour television documentary that explores the link between food and health and compares The Hallelujah Diet with other popular diets for loss of weight. To the best of the producer’s knowledge, there is not a diet similar to The Hallelujah Diet in all of France! The crew followed Rev. Malkmus' every move throughout the seminar (they could hardly keep up!) and captured dozens of testimonies from people who had seen physical problems disappear after they had adopted The Hallelujah Diet. Throughout the seminar the people gathered were challenged to “eat to live” and to stop “living to eat,” a sentiment met with a standing ovation! While Rev. Malkmus spoke with guests after the seminar, the film crew conducted one-on-one interviews with those who had experienced significant weight loss on The Hallelujah Diet. These one-on-one interviews will go a long way in convincing the French people that The Hallelujah Diet is the simplest, healthiest weight-loss program in the world! The film crew also gathered some footage of The Villages of Hallelujah Acres, including interview with some excited residents who had just moved in! Our next “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar is scheduled for Saturday, December 3. Though we will not have the French camera crew with us, it will be an exciting time as people learn God's way of nourishing our bodies through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Make plans to attend.

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