Examining Weight Loss Diets – Which One Is the Best (Part 2)

Examining Weight Loss Diets – Which One Is the Best (Part 2)

Examining Weight Loss Diets – Which One Is the Best Reading Examining Weight Loss Diets – Which One Is the Best (Part 2) 11 minutes Next Designed By God To Be In Health

In recent Health Tips we have been taking a look at a health problem being experienced by an ever-increasing number of Americans – the problem of overweight and obesity, along with an expanding waistline. First, we dealt with the problem. Next, we dealt with the cause. Then we offered a solution.

Last week, we were examining weight loss diets and we're back with more to determine which one is the best weight loss diet and why. We evaluated whether adopting each diet would improve overall health – or rather cause further deterioration of the health of the individual following the diet plans. This week I want to pick up where we left off by explaining more fully the four fundamental truths used as a basis for the evaluations given each weight loss program. Before we begin, I want to restate those four fundamental truths used to evaluate each.

  1. Our physical body is a living organism, comprised of living cells.
  2. These living cells were designed by God to be nourished with living (raw) food. (See Genesis 1:29)
  3. All cooked food is dead food, and dead food is incapable of providing proper nourishment for a living organism.
  4. Animal source foods are not only dead foods (almost always cooked), but they are also devoid of fiber. In addition, they are loaded with fat, and if commercially grown also loaded with growth hormones and antibiotics.
Based on the above criteria, I then evaluated a number of the more popular weight loss diets being promoted. Each diet was given anywhere from a 1-STAR (poorest) to a 5-STAR (best) rating based on how effective the diet was in creating weight loss. I also rated each diet according to its ability to improve the overall health of the individual adopting the diet, or to potentially create new health problems. This second rating ranged from a MINUS-5 being the most likely to cause further deterioration of a person’s health, to a PLUS-5 being most likely to improve the health of the individual. Our physical body is a living organism, comprised of living cells. Each of our bodies had a similar beginning – a LIVING egg cell from our mother was fertilized by a LIVING sperm cell from our father. The uniting of these two LIVING cells then started rapidly multiplying. The original two LIVING cells divided to become four LIVING cells, the four became eight, then 16, 32, 64,128, 256, 512, etc., etc., until a completely new LIVING human being (baby) had been formed, and was introduced into this world through a birth. That new physical body was comprised of approximately 100,000,000,000,000 (100 TRILLION) LIVING cells. In fact, everything that comprises the human physical body is made of LIVING cells – whether it is the blood, bone, muscle, skin, nails, immune system, heart, etc. These living cells were designed by god to be nourished with living (raw) food as served up by nature (see genesis 1:29) Every animal in the wild, since creation to this present day, whether carnivorous or vegetarian, instinctively has consumed its mother’s breast milk from birth until weaning, followed by consuming exclusively the LIVING (raw) foods (containing enzymes) found in nature. Only man takes the LIVING (raw) food that God has provided in nature and before he puts it into his mouth, puts it on a fire and cooks it with heat. This heat destroys all of the enzymes, the LIFE SOURCE found exclusively in raw foods. The heat also destroys a high percentage of the nutrients found in raw food. With that fundamental knowledge as to how God designed his animal and human creations to be nourished, and the effect of heat upon that food, let’s take a look at how we nourish the human physical body today, and then compare it with how God designed the human body to be nourished. Let’s start with the birth of the human baby. This human baby, comprised of LIVING cells, was designed by God to be nourished initially with the milk coming from mother’s breast, milk which contains the LIVING enzymes and LIVING nutrients so necessary for proper development and growth. But today, instead of placing the baby on mother’s breast, as God designed and intended, many babies are placed on pasteurized (cooked) formula, pasteurized (cooked) soy milk, or pasteurized (cooked) cow milk, ALL totally devoid of enzymes. In other words, totally devoid of LIFE! The baby often reacts to this DEAD, nutritionally inadequate food, by displaying such symptoms as colic, ear infections, throat infections, swollen glands, allergies, asthma, diaper rashes, fevers, etc. All cooked food is dead food, and dead food cannot properly nourish a living organism. Following birth, after most babies have been given a form of milk devoid of enzymes (LIFE) and lacking in important nutrients, they are usually placed on cooked (DEAD) food following weaning, foods not only devoid of LIFE, but also lacking fiber, in ever increasing proportions. Cooked baby cereals give way to cooked baby foods purchased in small baby-food jars. Again, we are attempting to nourish a LIVING organism with DEAD food, and thus the physical problems usually continue to manifest and the child is often taken to a doctor who prescribes a toxic drug in an effort to subdue a symptom, caused by the DEAD, devitalized, fibreless, contaminated fuel (food) being fed the child. Almost everything that comes in a box, can, jar, or container of any kind has already been cooked or pasteurized (cooked), and thus the enzymes (LIFE) as well as many of the nutrients, have been destroyed. DEAD foods also include all cooked animal flesh as well as pasteurized dairy products, flour products, table salt, coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc., etc. These are the foods that cause not only weight gain, but the majority of the physical problem being experienced by mankind. Animal source foods are not only dead foods (almost always cooked), but they are also devoid of fiber. In addition, they are loaded with fat, and if commercially grown also loaded with growth hormones and antibiotics. Almost every weight loss diet being promoted today either allows or promotes animal source foods, yet the Hallelujah Diet excludes all animal source foods. Why? Let’s look at some of the reasons the Hallelujah Acres Diet excludes all animal source foods:
  1. Our physical body was designed by God to move food through a very lengthy (approximately 30 feet in length) digestive tract, comprised of many pockets, loops, and bends, by means of fiber. All plant source foods are not only LIVING foods, but are also loaded with fiber. In fact, plant foods are the only source of fiber available in anything humans eat. When a person eats plant source foods, because they are loaded with fiber, they move quickly through that 30-feet of digest tract, digesting in 30-60 minutes, and have passed on out of the body in just 16 to 20 hours.
  2. Animal source foods on the other hand are totally devoid of fiber. Because they contain no fiber to propel them, they move very sluggishly through those 30-feet of tubing taking 72 to 96 hours to exit. Now comes even worse news – the temperature inside our body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s almost 100 degrees, and what do you think that animal flesh does in that nearly 100 degree temperature during the 3-4 day journey? It rots! And that horrible body odor people try so hard to cover up with soap and water and under arm deodorants is simply the stink coming from those rotting animal flesh foods.
  3. This rotting flesh is not only the cause of body odor, but also the cause of most all of the colon problems people experience – IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), colitis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, colon cancer, and more. In addition, animal source foods are acidic, and the cause of heartburn and acid stomach problems for which people take antacids and other drugs. Yet by simply eliminating animal source foods, most people will cease to have need of an antacid in as little as 3-5 days, and most colon problems will simply disappear over time.
  4. Animal source foods are either the cause or a contributing cause of up to 90% of all physical problems being experienced today. Just a few of the many physical problems created by animal source foods include: heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis, colon problems, weight gain, and more. Dr. Campbell in his booklet “The China Project,” writes: “Only small intakes of animal products were associated with significant increases in chronic degenerative diseases.”
  5. All animals in the wild, whether carnivorous or vegetarian, consume a 100% LIVING (raw) flesh food diet, and have ever since creation until this very day. Animals in the wild are never overweight and rarely ever get sick.
  6. According to the bible, man lived the first 1,700 years after creation on a LIVING (raw, enzymatic ally active) 100% plant based diet (See Genesis 1:29), to an average age of 912, without a single recorded instance of sickness or overweightness. However, following the flood, after God had allowed man to consume animal flesh in Genesis 9:3 (I believe because all plant source foods had been destroyed by the flood), man started to consume cooked animal flesh and an ever increasing percentage of refined, dead (cooked) food, and physical problems began to manifest and then accelerate.
  7. Today, when a person returns to the primarily LIVING (raw) 100% plant sourced diet God told Adam, and through Adam all mankind to consume in Genesis 1:29, a diet loaded with enzymes, almost always does weight normalize and physical problems almost always simply and quite quickly disappear.
Based on the above, I evaluated eight weight loss diets in last week’s Health Tip. I rated them according to how well or how poorly they fit the above criteria. Those with the highest percentages of animal source foods were given good ratings for weight loss primarily because of ketosis, but the lowest ratings as far as improving a person’s health. The next-lowest ratings for improving health went to those diets that were predominantly comprised of cooked food, while the highest ratings were reserved for those diets that eliminated all animal source foods and had the highest percentage of LIVING, raw, enzymatically alive, plant source foods. Hallelujah Acres to the Rescue Since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992 and started promoting the Hallelujah Diet, a diet based on God’s Genesis 1:29 diet, literally tens of thousands have written to tell me that after adopting the Hallelujah Diet, they saw over 170 different physical problems, including even terminal cancers, disappear from their body and they just didn’t get sick anymore. In addition to these 170 different physical problems people reported going away; almost every person who was overweight before they adopted The Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle, usually also saw their excess pounds and inches simply melt away and without much effort. The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle we proclaim here at Hallelujah Acres is based on God’s original Genesis 1:29 Garden of Eden Diet, the diet God gave to Adam and Eve in that garden, and is the lifeline being offered God’s people for this day in which we live. And this lifeline is available to “Whosoever will, may come”, Christian or even non-Christian. This lifeline has the power to restore the health and waistline of almost anyone who will grab hold of it. And for most reading this, your health and waistline can be restored. You can become a strong, physically active, and healthy soldier in God’s army – a soldier fit for the Master’s use. Won’t you join me, Rhonda, and Hallelujah Acres and become a part of this “Healthy Army of God”? Please say “YES.”

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