Examining Weight Loss Diets – Which One Is the Best

Examining Weight Loss Diets – Which One Is the Best

For the past three weeks, we have been taking a look at a health problem being experienced by an ever-increasing number of Americans – the problem of Overweight and Obesity, along with an expanding waistline. Previously, we have dealt with the problem, the cause and the solution. In this Health Tip, I want to evaluate some of the weight loss programs available today, and then rate them according to their ability to produce weight loss, and ALSO evaluate whether adopting this or that diet will improve overall health – or rather cause further deterioration of the health of the individual following that weight loss program. Before we begin, I want to establish some fundamental truths that will become the basis for the evaluation, and against which we will evaluate each of the various weight loss plans:
  1. Our physical body is a living organism, comprised of living cells.
  2. These living cells were designed by God to be nourished with living (raw) food. (See Genesis 1:29)
  3. All cooked food is dead food, and dead food is incapable of providing proper nourishment for a living organism.
  4. Animal source foods are not only dead foods (almost always cooked), but they are also devoid of fiber. In addition, they are loaded with fat, and if commercially grown also loaded with growth hormones and antibiotics
Using the above foundational truths as the basis, we will now evaluate a number of the more popular weight loss diet programs, and see first of all how efficient they are at reducing weight. But in addition, we also want to evaluate each of them to see how well they meet the nutritional needs of the individual following that diet, and thus the diets ability to improve or harm the health of the individual. Below are criteria by which we will evaluate and rate each diet:
  1. Weight loss programs which effectively help people lose weight will be given a 5-star rating. (The more effective the diet in bringing about weight loss, will determine the number of stars. A 1-Star rating being the diet producing the poorest results and a 5-Star rating being the most effective.)
  2. We will also rate each program according to whether that particular diet will improve not only the overweight condition, but its ability to improve the health of the individual. (This rating will range from a PLUS-5 Star rating for those diets that actually improve the health of those following a particular diet to a MINUS 5 rating for those diets that are most likely to create even more physical problems.)

The Atkins Diet by Robert Atkins

The Atkins Diet receives a 4-star rating for weight loss, and a minus-5 rating for the diet’s ability to improve the health of the individual following it. The diet is predominantly a cooked (dead) food diet, loaded with animal flesh and animal fat. This diet is based on ketosis, meaning that the body literally feeds on itself, because there are not sufficient carbohydrates in the diet to meet the body’s nutritional needs. Many will experience almost immediate weight loss on this program but the long term potential for doing the body harm is huge. (Though Dr. Atkins died several years ago obese and with a heart problem, his books are still available and people are still following the diet.)


Eat Right For Your Type by Peter D’adamo & Catherine Whitney

This diet receives a 3-STAR rating for its ability to reduce weight, and a MINUS-2 to a MINUS-5 rating for its ability to improve the health of the individual following the diet. This is a predominantly cooked food (dead food) diet, and for those with a blood Type O, Type B, or Type AB, the diet is loaded with animal products similar to the Atkins’ Diet. This diet claims that “Your blood type determines your diet, supplements, and personality because it is ‘the key to your body’s entire immune system.’” This diet is based on the evolutionary history of the family, whether ancestors were hunters or farmers.


The South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatston

This diet receives a 3-STAR rating for weight loss, and a MINUS-2 rating for its ability to improve an individual’s health. The South Beach Diet is also a predominantly cooked (dead) food diet. In the first phase of the South Beach diet, which lasts for two weeks, a person eats normal-sized helpings of lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, fish, and shellfish. Vegetables are also allowed, along with nuts, cheese, and eggs. Coffee and tea are OK, and lots of water is required. This diet, in its initial stages, eliminates carbohydrates, thus the diet would most likely throw the body into ketosis to create weight loss, similar to the Atkins’ diet.


The Zone Diet by Barry Sears

This diet receives a 3-STAR rating for its weight reducing abilities and a MINUS-2 rating for its ability to improve the health of the individual following the diet. This is a predominantly cooked (dead food) diet, which also includes lots of animal source foods. To its credit, it does eliminate fatty meats, full-fat dairy, butter, and shortening, while encouraging fruits, most vegetables, and nuts. This diet claims that eating the right mixes of fats, carbs, and protein keeps a person trim and healthy by lowering insulin.


Eat More Weigh Less by Dean Ornish

This diet receives a 2-STAR rating for weight loss, and a PLUS-1 star for its ability to improve health. The diet eliminates almost all animal products, but does allow some low or non-fat dairy, while featuring beans, fruits, veggies, and grains. Dr. Ornish has proven that his diet works when combined with exercise and stress reduction in a long-term study. Even though this is a predominantly vegetarian diet, it consists primarily of cooked (dead) food, it does eliminate most animal products, thus allowing a PLUS 1 rating for its ability to improve health.


The Mcdougal Plan by John Mcdougall, M.D.

This plan receives a 3-STAR rating for weight loss, and a PLUS-2 star rating for its ability to improve health. The diet eliminates all animal source foods and refined foods, while allowing unlimited amounts of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, seeds, and nuts. Dr. McDougall has been promoting this diet for over 20 years with great success. However, we must limit our ratings for weight loss and its ability to improve the health of the individual because it is a predominantly cooked (dead food) vegan diet.


Eat To Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

This diet receives a 5-STAR rating for weight loss, and a PLUS-4 rating for its ability to improve health. Here is a medical doctor who treats over 5,000 patients a year with a predominantly raw, vegan diet. And what kind of results does Dr. Fuhrman see in those who adopt his diet. Almost every person who adopts his pure, mostly raw, vegan diet sees their weight normalize, while usually seeing most of their physical problems disappear. Of all the diets available to the American public today, this one comes closest to giving the results provided by The Hallelujah Diet. However, this diet does not emphasize the use of raw vegetable juices as does The Hallelujah Diet.


The Hallelujah Diet by Rev. George Malkmus

The Hallelujah Diet is the only diet being promoted today that receives both a 5-STAR rating for weight loss, and a PLUS-5 rating for its ability to improve health. This diet has been followed by millions from around the world over the past 18 years, and produced such outstanding results, that it has motivated tens-of-thousands to write Rev. Malkmus to tell of not only the diets ability to reduce weight, but also eliminate physical problems. This diet is a predominantly raw 100% vegan (plant based) diet, which includes an abundance of freshly extracted raw vegetable juices, along with a raw barley/alfalfa juice powder. This diet also excludes all animal source foods, all refined sugar, along with all refined carbohydrates and even eliminates table salt and caffeine. Some of the outstanding testimonies of weight loss include a 206 pound weight loss in 10 months and in just six months a 60-pound weight loss and the disappearance of 28 different physical problems.


The Genesis 1:29 Diet by God

God, the Creator of that first human, Adam, gave this Genesis 1:29 diet to him in the Garden of Eden, immediately after creating him. If anyone should know what proper nourishment for the human physical body should be, shouldn’t it be the Creator of that body? So if we want to find the best diet for today, the diet that will produce the best results for human health, should we not look to that diet and compare all other diets against it. So let’s analyze the Genesis 1:29 diet and see just what it is comprised of. And upon a quick read you will see the diet was a simple one, comprised of one hundred percent raw plant sourced foods! You may ask, “How do you know that God intended these plant foods to be consumed raw?” Well, and I believe you will agree with me, there was no means of cooking anything in the Garden of Eden because fire had not as yet been discovered, and besides, even to this current day, every animal in the wild eats its food in its raw natural state as served up by nature. Only man takes that which God provides in nature in its raw form and before he puts it into his mouth puts it on a fire and cooks it, destroying its life force (enzymes) as well as a high percentage of its nutrients. So now let’s go back through all of the Weight Loss Diets listed above, as well as any other weight loss diet available today that is not evaluated above, and compare them against God’s Genesis 1:29 diet and you tell me which of the diets comes closest to matching that diet God the Creator gave to that first human Adam. And if that Genesis 1:29 diet was God’s perfect plan for the nourishing of Adams body, don’t you think it would also be God’s perfect plan for nourishing our bodies today?



Testimonies of others who have succeeded in losing weight and improving their health can sometimes be a motivator and encouragement. Here is a testimony that will hopefully encourage you to try for the first time or continue on if already on the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle:
“Hi George, I was introduced to The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle in November of 2000. I vowed to give the diet a try for 30-days just to cleanse my system, because I just couldn’t see myself staying on The Hallelujah Diet forever. I weighed 320 pounds at the time. I had pain in my legs, hips, and back, and had absolutely no energy. I also had carpel tunnel syndrome. I started on the Hallelujah Acres Diet program in January of 2001. My family was very skeptical, because I had been on so many programs, and this one was so radical. However, by the grace of God, I was able to go on the diet ‘cold turkey,’ and make it through the first month without any problems. By the end of the first month I felt so good I was able to walk the mall without having to sit down and rest. Anyway, within a month I was able to start exercising and moving again. So far I have lost 164 pounds and now weigh 156 pounds. I have a whole new life. Thank you for all you do at Hallelujah Acres. The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle literally saved my life! God bless you!” Gail R., California
The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle we proclaim here at Hallelujah Acres is based on God’s original Genesis 1:29 Garden of Eden Diet, the diet God gave to Adam and then Eve in that garden, and is the lifeline being offered God’s people for this day in which we live. And this lifeline is available to “Whosoever will, may come”, Christian or even non-Christian. This lifeline has the power to restore the health and waistline of almost anyone who will grab hold of it.

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