Doctors Don't Know As Much As You Think!

Doctors Don't Know As Much As You Think!

Before we put any profession on a pedestal, we need to ask ourselves what they truly know before we entrust our very lives to their care! Consider this first letter from Peter, a professional educator in Nigeria:
“Well done Dr. Malkmus for all that you do for humanity. You opened my eyes to the fact that doctors do not know as much as patients who patronize them think they know. "I researched on the curriculum for medical training in Nigeria (I’m an Educationist) and discovered that Food and Nutrition is not given considerable attention. Ask a medical doctor why you have high blood pressure and you get a lecture on chemical changes in your body without information on the root of your problem which most of the time is traceable to what you have been eating and drinking, how you have moved your body or not moved it and the issues of life you have been thinking about. "Quitting synthetic foods and drinks and trusting God to make all things work together for the good of my family has saved us the money and time my family you used to waste on hospital visits and bills. Many thanks for the enlightenment. You will never know the number of people you have kept alive by God’s grace. I’m helping in my own small way to spread the good news you have brought. May God bless you abundantly!” ~ Peter O., Nigeria
“Way to go Rev. Malkmus! I want to personally thank you for bearing the load and breaking the ground of ‘truth.’ May our Lord continue to strengthen you as you fulfill your mandate on this earth. Just know that you are passing the torch to many….myself included and that light and voice of truth no man can shut!” ~ Donna R.
“Your information is always ‘Dead On’ Rev. Malkmus! Thank you and Rhonda for all the many years of dedication and hard work you have done to get the word out especially to the body of Christ (Christian community) to help us to learn ‘We don’t have to be Sick’. You and Rhonda are such a great inspiration as well as Paul and Ann. "I watch and listen to your many messages on YouTube while at work. I allow it to stream your many videos and teachings as well as other raw food educators and while I am very busy at my work it helps to ‘renew my mind’ and get me back on track to keeping me to God’s Way To Ultimate Health. "I believe so many learn and then ‘stop’ reading and ‘stop’ renewing their minds and soon fall off the diet and end up back sick and diseased. I saw this myself and have found that by keeping a small television playing here at work I can continually listen to the health message, even if only a few minutes, it greatly helps keep my mind renewed and that is where the biggest part of the battle is. …'Be transformed by the renewing of your mind...' Thank you again for your testimony. I Love both you and Rhonda in Christ and keep you and the ministry in my prayers! Your friend always,” ~ Danny G., New Bern, NC
“To have the Hallelujah Diet awareness is a special grace. May God open the eyes of the suffering and yet-to-suffer masses. God bless Hallelujah Acres.” ~ Tony D.

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