Diet is Only One Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

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Switching to The Hallelujah Diet could be the best thing you ever do for your body! It helps your body get rid of junk from years of bad eating habits and brings nutrient levels to where they should be so you can enjoy a long, healthy life.

One of the main reasons The Hallelujah Diet works so well is because it is focused on alkalinity. By contrast, the Standard American Diet is acidic, and acid is what causes problems in the body. But acid comes from more than just diet. Poor hydration, a negative attitude, lack of exercise, and sleep deprivation create acid in the body, too. And just like a change in diet, a change in lifestyle is needed to reverse the trend.


Make sure you get at least 15 minutes of sunshine daily or take a vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D3 is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and is important to keep bones and teeth healthy. Vitamin D also helps to reduce blood pressure; and if you're out in the sun getting your "D" it's even better, as UV light also helps to reduce blood pressure by making the body create nitric oxide.



Drinking freshly extracted vegetable juices and BarleyMax do wonders to feed the body and mind, and water itself is a wonderful solvent. About 90% of North Americans are dehydrated, and chronic dehydration diminishes physical and mental performance. It's also a major, underlying cause of many common ailments.



Exercise fights fatigue, strengthens and nourishes the heart, strengthens bones, improves circulation, boosts red blood cell production, and increases the amount of oxygen in your blood. A sedentary lifestyle can result in numerous different physical problems.



The body needs sleep to rebuild and repair; someone with disease cannot heal without adequate sleep. Furthermore, the brain's ability to function quickly deteriorates when sleep is inadequate. Kids aged 3-6 need 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night; kids aged 6-9 need 10 hours; teens need 9 hours; and adults need 7-9 hours.


Positive Attitude

When we worry, we spark a chemical reaction in the body, creating excess free radical activity within our cells. The same thing results when we eat poorly or don't get enough exercise. The result is a general decline in health (i.e., worrying yourself sick). If you want to experience the best health of your life, you need to consider more than just The Hallelujah Diet. It is vital to include sunshine, fresh air, pure water, adequate rest, exercise, a positive mental outlook, and most importantly, a trusting, loving relationship with God.

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Does The Hallelujah Diet Have Healing Power?

Does The Hallelujah Diet Have Healing Power?

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Health Minister Training - Now $100 Off!

Health Minister Training - Now $100 Off!

Health Minister Training - Now $100 Off!

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