Diabetes Reversed In 10 Days!

Diabetes Reversed In 10 Days!

Type-2 diabetes doesn't have to be a lifelong problem. Read how Vickie defeated her condition in less than 2 weeks — and how others have stayed healthy for 14 years!
On February 12, 2012 Hallelujah Acres celebrated its 20th Anniversary, and as we begin our 21st year, the testimonies continue to roll in. Ever since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning 20 years ago, the testimonies take the credit for motivating multitudes around the world to give The Hallelujah Diet a try. If you are on the Hallelujah Diet and have experienced improvement in your health please send me your testimony so that I can share it with nearly 100,000 subscribers!
“I love to share with others how in just 10 days after adopting The Hallelujah Diet I had reversed my Type 2 diabetes and was off insulin. In addition, my total weight loss thus far is 85 pounds.” Vickie B.
“Hi George; 14 years ago, after adopting your Hallelujah Diet and prayer, my wife Karen’s cancer was pronounced benign and my chronic fatigue and immune deficiency syndrome were a thing of the past. And here we are 14 years later still following your diet and lifestyle and enjoying excellent health. God bless you and your ministry. You continue in our prayers as you guys celebrate 20 years of being used mightily by the Holy Spirit in and outside the Body of Messiah.” Gary P.
“People are very intrigued as to what I am doing, because they see the positive effects The Hallelujah Diet has had upon me. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I have lost 175 pounds, reversed my pre-diabetes through diet alone, and my face, hair and hands have regained a more youthful appearance. When my efforts to encourage someone else to adopt The Hallelujah Diet fails, I just let my physical and visible example do what my words can’t do. My selling point, since my words are falling on deaf ears, is to just live the life and be a visible example of what the diet can do for them.” Marsha W.
“Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I have lost 130 pounds. Some people say I have ‘great will power’. Maybe! But the truth is that I chose to eat and live this way. Success is all about making the right choices.” Kevin F.
“Rev. Malkmus, I loved reading about the history of Hallelujah Acres in recent Health Tips. I remember when you had your stroke and how you overcame it by your diet. You are a wonderful inspiration to all who know you and read about you. It was good to hear about Paul and how he left his military retirement to join Hallelujah Acres. That’s trusting God and helps us to know that after God takes you to heaven, Hallelujah Acres will continue to be there to bring hope and healing to all who commit their lives to eating right. God bless all of you!” Liz G.
“Hello! I have read your Health Tips for many years now, thinking that you must be on the right track concerning how to recover from health problems and health in general. Thank you for sharing. What are your plans for bringing The Hallelujah Diet to Norway? Are there any Health Ministers here in Norway? Please continue the good work! I am not completely on your diet, but have my own juicer and do some juicing.” Jostein B., Stavanger, Norway
Rev. Malkmus Responds: Hi Jostein, I’m sorry we do not have a Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister in Norway – But it would be wonderful if you could become one. What a wonderful ministry you could have in your country, helping your countrymen improve their health!

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