Depressed? Check Your Thyroid!

Depressed? Check Your Thyroid!

Hi everyone, Ann here. Today’s message is for both men and women, but women especially. Many people are depressed these days – but women seem to suffer from depression more than men. One of the reasons for it is thyroid health. I’m going through some thyroid issues of my own lately, so I’ve looked into this a little. In my digging I discovered a recent study that noted something particularly interesting. It said:
“Patients with thyroid disorders are more prone to develop depressive symptoms and conversely depression may be accompanied by various subtle thyroid abnormalities.”
In fact, some experts believe that up to 50% of depression symptoms are due to a malfunctioning thyroid. Ladies, this fact should be of specific interest to you, as another study points out:
Thyroid disorders were associated with 22% higher odds of depression in women … but no association was found in men.”
So what do you do? First, find a health professional who is willing to check your thyroid levels (specifically for free T3 as low T3 is a contributing factor to depression). Be open to the fact that supplementing your diet (even The Hallelujah Diet) may be necessary. Second, have your adrenals checked. I’m finding that my adrenals have a lot to do with what’s going on in my thyroid. If you're suffering from depression, definitely have your thyroid checked — and keep your chin up. Depression is beatable! Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Tell us about it - comment below!

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