Curcumin: 700% Better

Curcumin: 700% Better

Curcumin already has a long list of health benefits, and now there's another!

What is Curcumin?

Curcumin improves immune system function and is also a powerful antioxidant, which reduces free radicals that can make you susceptible to disease.

A brand new report covering the efficacy and safety of curcumin in major depressive disorder there is information on the high-absorption form of curcumin used in Hallelujah Acres' BioCurcumin supplement (BCM-95). The randomized controlled trail has determined that curcumin "may be an effective and safe agent when used as a modality of treatment in patients of major depressive disorder (MDD)."

What are the effects of Curcumin?

The determination was made when researchers observed that after 6 weeks of testing, 1,000 mg of BCM-95 per day had very similar effects compared to fluoxetine (i.e., Prozac), a common drug used to treat depression. Best of all, the study mentions that curcumin has "antidepressant potential without significant side effects." The study is the first to compare the two and more studies are on the way. Like many studies, this one is hardly new science. Chinese medicine has long used curcumin (the active ingredient in the turmeric spice) to treat depression-like disorders, but this is the first time its effects have been observed in a clinical trial. Another difference is the type of curcumin tested. The form of curcumin used in the study (BCM-95) is 700% more absorbable than standard curcumin due to the addition of cucuminoids (derivatives of curcumin that help with absorption) and volatile oils. It's the best curcumin out there!

"I had been having severe arthritis pain the last few years with throbbing and aching hands pretty much a constant, but my wonderful doctor, who is also a health minister, told me about BioCurcumin. It has been really amazing how much it is has helped me! She knows I don't like traditional medicine, but I was really in pain. It really works! I am amazed how much better my hands and feet feel. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone with arthritic pain." ~ Alice C.

This exciting news comes on the heels of some other exciting curcumin news from 2012, when BCM-95 was found to match the joint health benefits of a prescription rheumatoid arthritis drug. Not to mention, because it's anti-inflammatory, curcumin reduces your immune system's workload so it can be ready to address a flu virus. It's antibacterial, too. Plus, it can protect your liver and has even been shown to fight liver cancer and breast cancer cells. If curcumin can do all of this, imagine what the best curcumin supplement with 700% more absorption can do!

Try Hallelujah Acres' BioCurcumin and see for yourself! Do you take curcumin as a daily supplement? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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