Clean Water for a Health Turnaround

Clean Water for a Health Turnaround

Water can make a huge difference in turning your health around.

The body is predominantly liquid. Your organs and tissues are comprised of water. They must have water to operate efficiently. Some organs contain more water than others. According to Medical News Today, the brain and kidneys contain 80-85% water. The bones only around 20-25% water. The percentages of water can change according to age and sex. If you had to guess which part of your body has the most water, which one would you say? The answer is your Vitreous Humour, which is the vitreous body inside your eye. It is 99% water. This should tell you how important water is for your eyes! They need to stay lubricated. Has this ever happened to you? You have been exercising or doing some kind of work outside in the sun, perspiring and you get tired? Then you decide to drink at least 8 oz of water or more. As soon as you drink the water, you feel fine and are ready to get going again. Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel by drinking a glass full of water? The next time you feel lethargic or keyed up or just don’t feel like yourself, go drink at least 8 oz of clean water and see if you don’t feel much better. You may feel more balanced. One way to make sure you are getting plenty of water is by enjoying herbal teas. A cup of rooibos tea, or ginger tea mid-morning and mid afternoon makes a nice pick-up, simply because of the water content. When drinking water, it is very important to drink clean water. Although water from the tap is bacteriologically safe, there are sanitizing chemicals in the water. Chlorine is one of the disinfectants used and chloramine is another. Tap water may also contain harmful chemicals such as arsenic, lead, industrial organic pollutants, and pharmaceutical residues. There are numerous water filtration systems on the market and numerous debates on which is best. One method that Hallelujah Diet advocates is distilling water. Distillation does an excellent job removing toxins and impurities from the water. It removes all of the minerals, so Hallelujah Diet carries a kit, the Hydroboost kit, containing minerals from the Great Salt Lake to add back to distilled water making it rich in natural minerals. To read more about Hydroboost kit, CLICK HERE If there is one thing your body MUST have for vibrant long-term health, it is clean water; from your teeth, to your brain, to your blood, to your eyes. We realize there are many requirements for achieving a long, exuberant, and happy life. Drinking plenty of clean pure water is at the top of the list. *

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