How Raw Food Diet and Supplements Can Help a Detox

How Raw Food Diet and Supplements Can Help a Detox

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You might have seen us and others who have embraced the The Hallelujah Diet speak on the detoxifying or cleansing aspect of eating purer, more raw, healthier food. If you're new to The Hallelujah Diet or simply new to finding better, healthier options to eat, you may be unfamiliar with detox. You may also be wondering how a raw food diet and supplements help with detoxing and how they work together. Never fear! We love answering your questions and are always eager to explore the miraculous benefits of eating as God intended.

What is Detox?

Our bodies, when they are functioning correctly, naturally detox themselves. When we're at optimal health, our digestive tract, liver, kidneys, and skin work together to eliminate toxins through urine, stool, or sweat. Much of our nutrition these days is created from questionable food ingredients that can cause several unwanted health problems. Many modern meals are partially or wholly made from processed foods. Processed food is any food that has been altered in its preparation to make it more convenient, shelf-stable, or more flavorful. Some food is much more processed than others. For example, a microwaved dinner of macaroni and cheese is heavily processed because, most likely, everything from the pasta to the milk to the flavors has been artificially altered. We mistakenly eat a lot of these processed foods, either due to lack of information or lack of time to properly understand the ingredients we are putting in our bodies. According to ScienceDaily, in October 2021, Americans are eating more ultra-processed foods than ever, contributing to obesity and many other diseases, some of which are deadly. (1) Why is that so detrimental to our health, and why is it important to detox from processed food with more raw, whole foods? Highly Processed Foods and Health Risks

Increase Risk in Cancer

A study published by The BMJ on February 14th, 2018, analyzed a dietary questionnaire of answers numbering over 105,000 middle-aged men and women in France for five years. According to this study, every 10% increase in consumption of ultra-processed foods was associated with a 12% higher risk for cancer in general and an 11% increased risk of breast cancer. (2) A second study, published February 26th, 2021 by Clinical Nutrition (3) undertaken from the Barcelona Institute For Global Health (ISGloba), showed that there could be a link between consumption of ultra-processed food and an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. Packed with Processed Sugar, Sodium, and Fat Heavily processed foods include dangerously unhealthy added processed sugar, sodium, and fat levels. These ingredients make the processed food we eat taste better, yes, but too much of them leads to serious health problems such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

No Nutrition

Many ultra-processed foods have been stripped of their most essential nutrients, vitamins, and any beneficial ingredients our bodies need. This is why you may have noticed that many processed foods much be fortified with more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than ever before.

Digest Too Fast, Calorie Dense, and Addicting

Processed food is easier and faster to digest than unprocessed, whole foods. Unfortunately, this means our bodies burn less energy digesting them, and your body never experiences the cleansing whole food effect of fiber. Meaning the ultra-processed food you eat won't make you feel as full, doesn't help clean bowels, and only stimulates our brain's "feel-good" dopamine center. Ultra-processed food makes us crave more of the same food in the future until it turns into a vicious cycle that packs on the weight due to high-calorie content.

Why Detox With A Raw Food Diet?

To detox with raw food means you aren't just going on a temporary diet—you're making a lifetime commitment to a better, healthier, happier you. These long-term diet changes revolve around ensuring the food you eat is not processed, not nutrient stripped, primarily raw, non-GMO, free of pesticides, and 100% natural as well as organic. This allows our bodies to begin using the power of food the way God intended.

Which is the Best Detox or Cleanse?

We are so excited you asked! We've written about our recommendations for the best cleanse and detox, and you can read all about it here: What Is The Best Cleanse to Improve My Overall Health? (4)

How Supplements Help Detoxing

As you help your body begin to cleanse and detoxify by eating fruits, vegetables, and superfoods like juices made from leafy greens, it's important to take dietary supplements along with your detoxifying food. The vitamin-mineral and fiber supplements ensure your body receives every essential nutrient it needs to maintain optimal health while it transitions and cleanses. You also safeguard against and prevent vitamin deficiencies while rebuilding new cells naturally by taking supplements. We know that changing the way you eat is challenging at first and can seem overwhelming, which is why we dedicated ourselves to doing the hard work of creating the perfect supplements and detox kits to help:

• HD Super Deluxe Full Body Detox
• Fiber Cleanse Powder – Natural Colon Cleanse, Original
• Fiber Cleanse Powder in Green Apple and Lemon flavor

Each of our supplements features 100% organic, raw, natural, non-GMO goodness in every detox, cleanse, and vitamin supplement to allow your body to do what it was intended to do and what it was created to do. The toxins and free radicals we encounter every day when we eat over-processed foods can begin to create more toxins that affect how we absorb the much-needed nutrients our bodies need. If you want to nourish your body while removing toxins that are never an uncomfortable or debilitating process, your first step starts with us! Make sure to check in with your nutritionist or health care provider before beginning your cleansing process, or if you're pregnant or nursing you may want to postpone any detox protocol until you are past this period We hope we've helped you decide to start reaping the wellness and benefits of detox without risks or side effects to look better, feel better and begin your healing journey.



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