You Can Simplify Your Life and Health and Get a Fresh Start on the Rest of Your Life

You Can Simplify Your Life and Health and Get a Fresh Start on the Rest of Your Life

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What do the words “Simplify Your Life” mean to you? If you really are able to simplify your life in some ways, how will you benefit? Perhaps most importantly of all, what changes can you make in your life that are sustainable for many years to come—so that you continue to reap the rewards? As you consider the tips and tactics presented in this article, ask yourself which ones can make a meaningful difference to you and the people you care about—not just for the first week of August, but for all the weeks to come.

Step #1: Declutter Forever

Declutter Forever

Let’s begin with an international bestseller that has created quite a stir among those who never want clutter in their lives again. The book, the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing, by Marie Kondo, says that:

  • The traditional ways to declutter your home don’t work. That’s because, not long after the typical room-by-room approach, papers still accumulate and clothes pile up and you’re back to where you started: nowhere.
  • Kondo promises that if you simplify and organize your home with her method, you’ll only have to do it once.
  • With The KonMari Method, a category-by-category approach, you determine which items in your life bring you joy and which ones don’t. Once you discard the latter, you can enjoy the magic of a tidy home and the resulting calm and stress-free mindset.

Step #2: Simplify Your Schedule & Lifestyle

Simplify Your Schedule & Lifestyle

  • Don’t overcommit. When you commit to more responsibilities than you can comfortably handle, it’s almost impossible to do everything well, which only increases the stress. So, prayerfully consider each demand on your time. It’s OK to say no to requests that take you away from your primary God-given mission. Focus on what God has really called you to do and you’ll accomplish those tasks successfully while making yourself feel less stress and more joy, purpose and confidence.
  • Keep clutter at bay. Go through your mail every day rather than letting it—or any paperwork—pile up. Recycle the paper you don’t want or need and organize your bills and files. Go through existing files and shred old documents that you no longer need to retain. And unsubscribe to mass emails that you don’t open because you know that they’re not relevant to you.
  • Avoid fruitless distractions. Limit the amount of time you spend checking out the latest (typically negative) story in the media. You can replace fear about all the conflicts in our world with a calm and peaceful feeling that comes from focusing on only what you can control in your life and how you can make a positive impact in the world. Spend less time online, especially with social media sites, unless they help you stay in touch with distant friends and loved ones. And spend more time in one-on-one conversations with family and friends—the people who really matter.
  • Prepare for each week and day. Instead of doing everything at the last minute, which can be very stressful, consider planning what you’ll wear and eat for an entire week in advance. And, the night before, make your to-do list for the next day. That way, you’ll have less to worry about each morning and you won’t forget important tasks that you want to manage effectively and efficiently.

Step #3: Nurture Your Soul

Nurture Your Soul

  • Replace stress with Christ. Make prayer and talking to God a part of your daily routine. Write in your journal every day too, including expressing thanks for the things you’re grateful for in your life. Read the Bible and devotional texts and enrich your devotion to God. Memorize Scripture. Drawing close to Jesus Christ is the ultimate stress buster.
  • Focus on those you love. Rather than getting tangled up in toxic relationships that just bring you down, dedicate more time and focus on enhancing healthy, meaningful relationships with the people you care about and who care about you.
  • Want less and be content with what you have. “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” Instead of pursuing more material possessions, give thanks for the blessings that most people take for granted, especially the fact that you’re alive, and there are many opportunities for a richer, more fulfilling life, right around the corner.
  • Do things you don’t normally do that bring you joy. Go on a picnic; put on your favorite music and dance; take a drive to the mountains or beach; take a day off from everything and spend it with just God. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

Step #4: Take Care of Your Health

Take Care of Your Health
What could be more important? You can’t really fulfill your life purpose if you don’t feel well. Here are four cornerstones of the Hallelujah Diet approach to health:
  • Cleanse your body of many toxins that can make you sick. When toxins weaken your cells, you are more likely to be more vulnerable to illness, including disease. That’s why it’s important to detox your body every year.
  • Enjoy a delicious and nutritious diet. The Hallelujah Diet has worked wonders for thousands of people, including those who say that it enabled them to overcome serious medical conditions without doctors or drugs. This plant-based diet is rich in nutrients from enzyme-rich raw foods—vegetables and fruits—that enable us to restore or maintain our bodies’ self-healing power and achieve optimal health.
  • Bathe your cells in living nutrition. Because of the number and variety of toxins that most people are exposed to on a daily basis, and because our produce has become less nutrient-rich over time, even the healthiest diet can’t provide enough concentrated nutrition to achieve optimal health at the cellular level.

    That’s important because, every day, millions of cells in our bodies die and are replaced by new ones. What we “feed” those new cells can make all the difference in our health going forward. According to recent scientific testing, BarleyMax was the clear winner, as indicated by enzyme activity, in providing raw synergistic nutrition that our bodies need every day—by bathing our cells with living nutrition: vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, trace elements, antioxidants and live enzymes. With BarleyMax, you’ll gain extra energy for cleansing and enhance your overall health at the all-important cellular level.
  • Keep well hydrated. According to the American Heart Association (AMA), we need water to transport vital nutrients and oxygen to our cells, regulate our body temperature and eliminate waste. We need ½ ounce of high quality liquids for every pound of body weight. The very best quality water comes from an abundance of raw foods, fresh vegetable juices, green smoothies and purified water. Hallelujah Diet recommends distilled water to avoid chlorine and other chemicals typically found in tap water.
Add in exercise programs and Hallelujah Diet’s supportive community, and, if you haven’t already, you’ll discover a comprehensive superstore of solutions for optimal health. So, as you can see, there are many ways to make National Simplify Your Life Week one of the most transformative weeks of your life. Even if you take just one or two steps forward, you’ll be on a journey to a healthier, happier you.

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