Why Hormones Impact Weight Gain

Why Hormones Impact Weight Gain

Are you having a difficult time losing weight, and you can’t figure out why the pounds won’t go away? Many women are battling hormonal imbalances that have a direct impact on their ability to lose weight. If you want to overcome the plateau to reach your weight loss goals, then you need to consider the way your hormones are impacting the way your body is holding onto the fat.

Hormones Impact Body Functions

The responses that happen consciously each day and within your body are directly impacted by the hormone levels within your body. Hormones manage the way your metabolism functions, and it controls the responses that occur when food is consumed. At the same time, your hormones can also influence the way you respond to outside stimuli. When your hormones are imbalanced, it can impact many environmental factors that might sabotage your weight loss goals: stress, exercise, food, and sleep. Keep in mind that each person is unique, which means that different types of hormone imbalances can impact people in different ways. Just because you have a hormone imbalance, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a hard time losing weight. But, there are many women who experience weight loss difficulties when their hormones are off-balance.

Understanding How YOUR Hormones Impact Your Weight

There are three main hormonal functions that can impact your ability to lose weight:
  • Hunger: The hormones within your body control the hunger cues, telling you when you need to eat more food. When the hormones are off balance, you might be prone to over-eating, because the “full” signals aren’t being sent to the brain at the right time.
  • Energy: Did you know that your hormones can impact your desire to exercise? Hormone balancing also has a direct impact on overall energy levels and motivation. If you are always feeling sluggish throughout the day, then you might consider the possibility that you are dealing with hormone balancing issues.
  • Cravings: When you are on a diet, food cravings can be the downfall of good intentions. Hormones can cause cravings to be insatiable, causing you to overeat and make poor food choices in an attempt to satiate your cravings.
The trick to managing these three elements is to balance your hormones. Dietary changes and lifestyle choices can have a direct impact on those hormones, which will make it easier for you to lose weight. For more information about hormone balancing and women's health, check out our high quality Luminology supplements along with many other dietary supplements that can be beneficial in your hormone balancing efforts.

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