BarleyMax: "Better Than Coffee for Me!"

BarleyMax: "Better Than Coffee for Me!"

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Can BarleyMax really give you energy? You don't know until you try... like Tommie did! Read on and discover what this war vet has to say about the power behind the simple, barleygrass juice:
“I am a 100% disabled veteran and drinking BarleyMax instead of coffee keeps me feeling better than anything; better than ever. Thank you for the blessing!” ~ Tommie H.
“This is an eye opener. Your testimony is living! It keeps luring me into the Hallelujah Diet lifestyle.” ~ David
“Thanks for sharing your experience. Your research has impacted the world.” ~ Julianah
But the Health Tip titled: “The Importance of OXYGEN” drew the most responses:
“Knowledge is said to be power! With this information on the importance of oxygen and also how to increase oxygen intake, I will now arm myself against fertilizing my system for disease to flourish. Thank you GM!” ~ David
“Hallelujah!!! This is what I “preached” to my family and friends for 40 years – and was not taken serious when I made them aware of their shallow breathing habits. I never read it so well founded! Thank you!” ~ Erie S.
“Dear brother George H.: Thank you for a good article on oxygen. Deep breathing needs some clarification. What is the significance of the number 12? Is it the number of inhales and exhales per minute? Does the number depend on how quickly one inhales and exhales, and on how quickly one counts? Your friend, supporter, brother in Christ, and health minister in Massachusetts. I am also 81 years old, and born in February 1934 the same year as you. I am also in good health and awaiting the Lord’s return.” ~ George H. K., Massachusetts

Rev. Malkmus Responds

I’m sorry I did not give more accurate information on this method of increasing oxygen intake. Let me give it another try:
  1. Start with a complete exhale.
  2. Then slowly take in air thru the nose to the count of a thousand and one, a thousand and two, a thousand and three, etc. until you cannot take in any more air (your lungs are at full capacity - let's say 7 seconds, for example).
  3. Then hold that full breath for however long you inhaled (another 7 seconds).
  4. Next, slowly exhale for the same time period (7 seconds).
The first time you try this, you may only be able to do it for 3 or 4 seconds, but as you continue to try and increase the count, the numbers should increase as your lungs expand and able to hold greater amounts of air. As I said in the article, I can do it for the count of at least 12 (sometimes more) at the age of 81. It can also be done while slowly walking – with each step slowly take in additional air until you can take in no more air (your lungs are full). Hold that breath for an equal amount of steps as you inhaled, and then slowly exhale for the same number of steps as the inhale breaths. With either of these methods, you are slowly increasing the oxygen holding capacity of the lungs and thus the oxygenation of the body. Remember – oxygen is the greatest need of the body – you can live about 40 days without another bite of food, but you can’t live more than about 4 minutes without another breath of OXYGEN.

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