Health Turnaround Kit
Hallelujah Diet Health Turnaround Kit with BarleyMax, Vitamin D3-K2, Glutathione Promoter/Selenium and recipe cook book

Health Turnaround Kit

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Perhaps you are fed up with feeling tired, worn-out, or subpar. Perhaps the pressures of life have been so great, that focusing on your health has had to sit on the back burner for a while. Perhaps your doctor just gave you a negative report.

But NOW is the time you are ready to take charge of your health.

Most people typically know when it is time to bring their health to the forefront of their life. There is a willingness and longing to make that needed turnaround. Are you ready to make your health a priority? Are you ready to move on? Is the path you have been heading down clearly not the direction you want to go?

Whether you are ready to make minor tweaks, or major ones, this is a fabulous kit for you!

Diet plays a significant role in helping the body achieve radiant health. The body needs plenty of building blocks and fuel to be strong and fight disease. Focusing on rich whole foods and spending some time in the kitchen goes on a long way when turning your health around.

There are so many theories and myths about the best diet; it can be very confusing. Hallelujah Diet has over 25 years of experience in teaching a plant-based diet created by the founder Rev. George Malkmus. Countless testimonials received by Hallelujah Diet over many years, conveys that there is something very powerful and effective about a plant-based diet.

Inside this kit is a booklet that shows a variety of great whole foods recipes. All the recipes are made with plants. The recipes in the booklet are a small sampling of the numerous Hallelujah Diet friendly recipes. None of them are especially difficult or “gourmet”. They offer a great illustration of how to incorporate a vast variety of wholesome ingredients into your daily meals and snacks. For example, keeping a large jar full of raw soups or veggie smoothies in the refrigerator to grab when hunger strikes is a great strategy on a “Turn Your Health Around” lifestyle. There are 29 total recipes, both past standouts and new ones.

If you are used to eating the Standard American Diet, beware…these recipes may not taste like the Standard American Diet recipes. They are not full of sugar or processed taste enhancers. They use items such as lemons, limes, herbs, tomatoes, red bell pepper, unrefined salt, extra virgin olive oil and unrefined flax oil to add flavor.

It is not imperative that you use any of the recipes in this booklet to turn your health around. However, you will most likely find some recipes you like. Furthermore, you can use the ideas from these wonderful recipes to pull together your own creations. Ingenuity in the kitchen is a big plus when declaring your freedom from cravings and bagged junk food.

The goal of the Hallelujah Diet is to keep out toxins and to make sure the body is not deficient in vital nutrition. Both toxicity and deficiency can be a major root cause of disease.

Food is very important for your miraculous self-healing body. However, even when eating our best, and even juicing, diet may not be enough to achieve the health we seek. Even when eating the best possible, supplements can help us overcome deficiencies. There are supplements that offer a great boost to the immune system, support the body’s detoxification efforts and help us make important molecules needed to feel better. The Health Turnaround Kit offers 3 basic supplements.

Using these 3 basics daily provides extra nutrition and support.


BarleyMax (8.5 oz / Large size)

BarleyMax is a powerhouse product that is an integral part of the Hallelujah Diet. It is a powder made from dehydrated juice from young organic barley grass and alfalfa. Since the grass is juiced, all the fiber is removed so nothing is left but the nutrition in the plant and water. It is gently dehydrated at low temperatures to retain living enzyme activity.

This dark green powder provides the mysterious grass juice factor, alkalizing chlorophyll and other nutrients. This living powder is rich and bold, yet people love it. One of the best ways to enjoy BarleyMax is blended briefly in clean water. A serving can be placed on or under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. A shaker cup works splendidly to break up the tiny clumps and make a delicious drink before or between meals. One to six servings a day can be taken, according to your needs and what is convenient. If you have never had BarleyMax before, you may want to start with one serving a day and work up from there. If you are on the Hallelujah Diet, it is suggested to take BarleyMax 3 times a day, (see the outline in the “Health Turnaround Recipes” booklet).

BarleyMax is available in Original, Berry flavor, Mint flavor and Alfalfa-free.


Vitamin D3-K2

Supports bone health, cardiovascular health and the metabolism of calcium throughout the body. Vitamin D3 increases the absorption of calcium, and vitamin K2 directs the body to properly deposit the calcium.

Many people are low in vitamin D, particularly in the winter months. It is known that vitamin D increases the amount of antimicrobial peptides (called AMPs in the scientific literature). This happens before your immune system even produces antibodies to the particular virus or pathogen that is attacking your body. Vitamin D is part of your first line of defense.*


Glutathione Promoter / Selenium

Glutathione is the “Master” antioxidant. It is one of the most important molecules in the body and found in practically every cell. It is not only a great antioxidant to protect your tissues from oxidative damage, it regenerates other antioxidants. It helps detoxify toxins and plays a role suppressing acute inflammation during an infection. Glutathione levels can drop due to infection, on-going stress, ageing, disease, and poor diet. Glutathione Promoter/ Selenium is designed to boost your immune system defenses by a combination of selenium and select antioxidants to stimulate the increased production of glutathione. One of these antioxidants is N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC) which supports liver and kidney detoxification. The importance of maintaining high levels of glutathione in the body cannot be overstated

Selenium has a vital role in our immune system, though not all of the details are well understood. Selenium supports the thyroid in production of thyroid hormones as well as protects the thyroid.


Are you clearly ready for a Health Turnaround? Whether you need a 10-degree or 180-degree turnaround, strike while the iron is hot. This kit provides a great direction for anyone wanting to turn their health around.

Give your body the support it needs. Excellence health is priceless. Never settle for less-than-optimal health!

For more information on health, you may find this webinar informative:

Here is the Chronic Infections Webinar link on the Hallelujah Diet website.

There may be additional supplements for your specific needs. The ones in this kit lay a fabulous groundwork. Take care of yourself, one step at a time.


*Caution: If pregnant or lactating, consult your physician before taking this product.
Vitamin K may be contra-indicated for individuals on dialysis treatment. Consult your physician for more information.

Vitamin K supplementation may be contraindicated for those taking Coumadin/ warfarin anticoagulant medication. Consult your physician for more information.

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