Recipe Booklet for HTA Kit

Recipe Booklet for HTA Kit

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This booklet shows a variety of great whole foods recipes. All the recipes are made with plants. The recipes in the booklet are a small sampling of the numerous Hallelujah Diet friendly recipes. None of them are especially difficult or “gourmet”. They offer a great illustration of how to incorporate a vast variety of wholesome ingredients into your daily meals and snacks. For example, keeping a large jar full of raw soups or veggie smoothies in the refrigerator to grab when hunger strikes is a great strategy on a “Turn Your Health Around” lifestyle. There are 29 total recipes, both past standouts and new ones.

If you are used to eating the Standard American Diet, beware…these recipes may not taste like the Standard American Diet recipes. They are not full of sugar or processed taste enhancers. They use items such as lemons, limes, herbs, tomatoes, red bell pepper, unrefined salt, extra virgin olive oil and unrefined flax oil to add flavor.

It is not imperative that you use any of the recipes in this booklet to turn your health around. However, you will most likely find some recipes you like. Furthermore, you can use the ideas from these wonderful recipes to pull together your own creations. Ingenuity in the kitchen is a big plus when declaring, "YES!! I will get my health turnaround!"

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