The Better Way to Stomach Health Webinar

The Better Way to Stomach Health Webinar

Did you know that roughly 25% of the global population suffers DAILY with symptoms that reflect stomach and upper digestive system distress. These symptoms can include stomach pain and/or burning (your classic ‘stomachache’), heartburn, indigestion, unexplained nausea and excessive burping. Some of these symptoms are so commonplace that many of us suffer through them, or suppress them with they “flare” up, unknowingly silencing a sleeping giant that can cause trouble in the long run.

Nature has shown us that it has answers to many of our health woes, but a solution is often hard to come by. Many of the symptoms of stomach and upper digestive distress signal that our digestive tract has become sluggish/inefficient with moving foodstuffs along, which can additionally impact nutrient absorption and waste excretion. But recently, the intersection of nature and science has availed a potent, natural solution - a concentrated botanical prokinetic - with beneficial effects on stomach/upper digestive health in as few as only 2-weeks! This novel extract of ginger is clinically proven and standardized to bring you the ‘best’, most active forms of its health benefiting profile, EVERY TIME. Our unique ginger active brings the ‘joy’ back to enJOYing your food today, while supporting ‘top-down’ gastrointestinal tract health tomorrow, and beyond.

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