Melatonin: Beyond the Sleep Aid Webinar

Melatonin: Beyond the Sleep Aid Webinar

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While melatonin is well known as a sleep aid to promote optimal sleep, or to deal with jet lag and travel, there is much more to this circadian rhythm molecule than has been commonly acknowledged.

In this webinar Michael Donaldson, PhD elaborates and brings forth new exciting research findings about melatonin.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Where most of the melatonin is made in the body (it isn’t the pineal gland)
  • What melatonin has to do with reversing the Warburg effect (fermentative metabolism) in cancer cells
  • What other disease processes also involve the Warburg effect
  • Safety and efficacy of higher doses of melatonin
  • How you could benefit from using melatonin

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