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We had a samoyed, who at 11-1/2 years old, we got a diagnosis from our vet that he had liver cancer. The prognosis was that he would live 1 - 3 months at best.

She prescribed pain medication as needed. Niki did not seem to be in pain at the time, so we held off on starting pain medication, but I did add barley max to his diet, and included some raw vegetables in his food.

He lived another 1-1/2 years, during which time he thoroughly enjoyed his walks and showed no signs of real illness or pain til the last month of his life.

The vet was very amazed at how well he was doing, and said to just keep doing whatever we were doing as it was obviously working.

We have had a niece and friends who's pets also developed different types of cancers, although we felt we were feeding high quality food without additives, etc.

I believe that the environment, lawn chemicals, and insecticides that are so heavily used everywhere now, contributes to our pets illnesses.

Niki was not cured of the liver cancer, but I am certain that the addition of the barley max to his diet gave us more than an extra year with our precious Niki, and gave him a quality of life during that time that he would not have had.
A samoyed's life expectancy is around 13 to 14 years, so thanks to Hallelujah Acres, Niki lived out that time with our family who loved him dearly.

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Gratitude for a Healthier Life

Gratitude for a Healthier Life

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