Gratitude for a Healthier Life

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Dear George, I came, I heard, and my life is better already, thank you!

I am the general dentist who spoke to you during the lunch break at your last seminar. Thanks to your dietary and Scriptural discoveries, combined with your commitment to bringing true health to both Christians and non-Christians alike, my life is going to be a healthier one. I thank you for your gift to me! After the seminar I bought a juicer and started juicing. I feel more energetic already, and my thinking is clearer. I am on a journey of discovery and well being and am very excited about it.

I am a practicing Christian, and find your observation that although we pray for the return of health for others, if we as individuals do not apply the diet and lifestyle tools that God has already put into His 'instruction manual' (the Bible), we are missing a central and essential key to our possessing health!! This fact of life, which you elaborate on in your book 'Why Christians Get Sick', is so obvious to me now, and I am so struck at how the 'world's diet' has crept into our lives and destroyed our potential for health and strength. I agree entirely with you when you observe that Satan sabotages Christians through the 'world's diet' that robs us of energy and makes us prone to the modern diseases of cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, depression, arthritis, morbid obesity, and more!

Your special area of scientific knowledge is in the area of diet and exercise. My area of focused scientific knowledge is in the area of providing toxin-free dental treatment. This has two primary areas. Our practice is free of mercury, lead, and other toxic and or heavy metals. Our practice also uses some unique technology and treatment modalities directed at ridding the mouth and the body of toxic infective bacteria. I am convinced that outside of proper diet and adequate exercise the next greatest destroyer of health is toxic levels of oral bacteria. The scientific and technical knowledge base in dental science has doubled in the last 3 years! Sadly, very few dentists are aware of the sea change that has happened because of these scientific and biologically based findings.

Sadly, most dentists remain essentially 'mouth-mechanics'. They view their role as fixers of broken or missing mouth parts. They operate out of a mechanical paradigm of the body, instead of appreciating the mouth as it is biological, dynamic, always changing potentially a self healing essential part of the body. I find that 95% of my new patients have significant toxic levels of anaerobic bacteria in their mouth and thus are experiencing damaging gum and bone disease.

The key to treating dental disease is not just to fix the effects, yet that is what most physicians currently do! As you teach, we don't have a health care system no, to be accurate we have a disease-treatment system. It seems to me that most conventional medical and dental practitioners do the same thing treat symptoms almost exclusively. The 'parts' get fixed, but they never stay 'fixed' and in fact the body gets sicker and people cannot live to their God-given potential and as you teach our nation cannot afford to 'fix' people back to health.

Now we ask the question, why the paradigm of 'fix the broken parts' doesn't work? The answer is that we need to find the source of the disease and stop it before the damaging symptoms develop. This paradigm seems to be true whether talking about the realm of conventional physicians or dentists. We are transforming lives with our system of care. The lives of patients who commit to the simple but precise care system we provide improve their overall body health and their vitality increases.

When you told of your successes with people on your recommended Hallelujah protocol, it had great credibility with me, because of my experiences with our patients over these many years. George, again I thank you for improving my life and my walk with our Lord. You are an inspiration to me. I want to be as lively as you are when I am 74 years old. I am 64 now.

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