In March 1993 I (visited Hallelujah Diet and)changed from my regular diet of cooked food, meat, pizza, sub, etc. to a diet of juice from carrots and other raw vegetables with a teaspoon of dehydrated barley juice powder before each meal, plus a large raw salad for lunch and dinner and a little cooked food for dinner. I eat some fruit, mostly apples, bananas, and oranges between meals.

The following is a list of the habits and the improvements which resulted. Every time I brushed my teeth, my gums bled, this cleared up after one week. Grains of sand in my eyes every morning, cleared up after one week. 3. A muscle problem in my right eye cleared up entirely after several months. My severe hemorrhoids has cleared almost entirely up, and is still improving. I had constant indigestion. Since going on the Hallelujah Diet, I have not had any indigestion except when I have violated the diet by eating something I shouldn't.

After eating lunch, I would get very sleepy, this too has stopped. I would fall asleep every time I read for over 10 minutes. I now can read for hours without any drowsiness. My frequent headaches have disappeared. I am more alert, can think clearer and have a lot more stamina. I had all the symptoms of prostate trouble, this too has greatly improved. Frequent pains would occur in my legs, so excruciating that I could hardly stand on them. They have not occurred since the second week, except when I got seriously off the diet.

I had gotten heavier than I should have been, but lost 30 pounds in the first six weeks after going on the Hallelujah Diet. I had a small skin cancer on the bridge of my nose which has disappeared. I guess everyone carries around some minor diet related problem they don't consider serious enough to see a doctor for, but cause discomfort. It is interesting to see how a change in eating habits has changed so much.

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