After taking a living foods course in 2000 and adopting a mostly raw vegetarian lifestyle we have each experienced remarkable improvements in our health. Michael has recovered from ulcerative colitis and other GI disorders and Lonee no longer has migraine headaches.

For the past few months we have been following the Hallelujah diet, including Barley-Max and carrot juice, and have noticed an added boost in our energy levels. Both of us have read many health-related books and Michael has completed a course in Natural Hygiene.

We would very much like to be trained as Health Ministers in order to be effective in sharing this message with many people in our church and community who are desperately in need of hearing it. We intend to someday spread the good news to areas as far away as Asia. Thank you Rev. Malkmus and everyone at Hallelujah Diet for revealing God's natural laws for achieving overall good health and well-being.

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