I Tried BarleyMax to Help Me Sleep Better and It Worked!

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I had been unable to sleep for the past four years without a sleep aide. I had tried everything both natural and pharmaceutical.

I had to sleep and sadly, only the prescription drugs worked. Anyone who can't sleep knows the trap this becomes when only drugs allow you to sleep.

Well recently, I decided to try upping the recommended servings of BarleyMax of two to three servings a day to six and eight servings a day and the "side effect" was that I could sleep and without needing any drugs.

I am so glad to be able to stop the pharmaceuticals. Whatever it was that I was missing and that kept me from sleeping, BarleyMax gave me. What an unexpected and glorious surprise.

Thank you Rev. Malkmus for sharing your story and leading this wonderful Hallelujah Acres Ministry. I am ever grateful.

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