Glass of Power-Aider Alkaline Juice

Power-Aider Alkaline Juice

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It’s no secret that consuming alkaline foods is key when it comes to promoting better overall health, and this green juice is the perfect way to help balance your body’s pH levels and give you the vitamins and minerals you need. There are so many scenarios that alkaline juice is perfect for – regardless of the season, outing, event, or gathering, this veggie juice recipe will please any crowd! Made with only a few ingredients (that you probably already have in your fridge), this simple juice is an easy, hassle-free way to get those much-needed greens without spending a ton of time preparing an elaborate meal. If you’re in a hurry and need something quick that’s still packed full of nutrients, this green juice might be just what you’re looking for!

Power-Aider Alkaline Juice (Serves 2)

One of the best things about alkaline juice is how versatile it is. For one, it’s an accessible beverage that can appeal to just about anyone. This green juice is a great option for rookies who are new to juicing, but it can also be a staple addition to a long-time juicer’s diet as well. This veggie juice recipe only requires a few ingredients, so it’s super simple to make, making it easy to incorporate into your existing diet and busy schedule. Plus, the sweet flavor of the apple makes drinking this beverage a refreshing and enjoyable experience. Try out this juice for breakfast, or as a nutrient-loaded snack at any time of day. With alkaline juice, the possibilities are endless, and you’ll love the numerous benefits that come along with it!

Fresh Ingredients

It is always best to use fresh! Freshly extracted carrot juice from roughly ½ a pound of carrots will work. Or you can make your own using carrot juice powder! Mix 1 tbsp. of CarrotJuiceMax in 4 oz. of water to achieve the right consistency, similar to freshly juiced carrots. Spinach or baby spinach works well as a great source of zeaxanthin and carotenoids. Ginger is added as a natural anti-inflammatory and aids in digestion. Cucumber, celery, and apple add fresh notes for flavor.

Follow the Recipe

Combine all of the ingredients in a vegetable juicer. Juicing is easy with a top of the line vegetable juicer, but if you're new to juicing and haven't fully committed to another kitchen appliance yet, you can also use your blender! Mix everything together until you reach your desired consistency. Then, pour the alkaline veggie juice into a glasses, shakers, or distribute evenly into travel tumblers when you and a friend are on-the-go. Cheers and enjoy!

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