Your Amazing Self-Healing Body

Your Amazing Self-Healing Body

Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you for explaining God’s position as to How We Contribute to our own Physical Problems in your article in Health Tip #648. I cured myself of ulcerative colitis by changing to a vegan diet 18 years ago. Instead of continuing to take medication prescribed by my doctor and continuing to eat cheese, I eliminated all animal foods from my diet, including dairy, and adopted a plant based diet. Since changing my diet 18 years ago, I have had several colonoscopies and the most recent one shows that there is still no sign of what the doctor said was an ‘incurable’ disease. If I had listened to my doctor and not gotten rid of the animal products, the cause of my problem, I would be a very sick 59-year-old woman or dead today. To understand the science behind God’s plan for our diet your readers can go to Dr. Campbell still teaches at Cornell University and has formed a foundation to educate medical and lay people alike. In an interview, he says that he comes from a family of dairy farmers, but that he just cannot deny such firm scientific evidence as he and others have uncovered. There is no doubt that dairy is one of the most dangerous things we can eat. I look forward to future Health Tips in this series. Joyce B.
EDITORS NOTE: Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study, is available from Hallelujah Acres online or by calling 800.915.9355.
I am 18 years old. At age 16 while receiving allergy shots I began taking an interest in nutrition. My cousin told me about Hallelujah Acres and I began to learn lots about nutrition. After taking out of my diet all dairy products and meats and replacing them with plant sourced foods I began to get better. I now begin my day with raw healthy smoothies made with fresh fruit and lots of raw greens and have been able to remain off my allergy shots for two years. Thanks Rev. Malkmus for all your wisdom and knowledge. John J.
(Also available on the Hallelujah Acres website.)

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