You Are Not A Disease Time Bomb

You Are Not A Disease Time Bomb

Women's Retreat 2012 is just around the corner and our featured speaker is none other than Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a nationally renowned family physician, author, and nutritional expert recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show. We think you'll be very excited to know what Dr. Fuhrman is speaking about. "At the Women's Retreat," Dr. Furhman told us, "I am going to deliver information that can help women control their health destiny. There's no need for women to think that their body is a time bomb waiting for disease." The key, Dr. Fuhrman says, is to eat foods that can literally "wipe out cancer." "When I say, 'wipe out cancer' I mean we can reduce the amount of cancer in our society by 90% or more," he says. "And I have data to support those statistics." Researchers at Duke Cancer Institute here in North Carolina would seem to agree. Earlier this year, they discovered similarities between diseases and are contemplating what you already know — that virtually all physical problems are interrelated: they have a diet and lifestyle related cause. Specifically, they have found a "link" between heart disease and prostate cancer. But, as study author Dr. Jean-Alfred Thomas II added, "What's good for the heart may be good for the prostate." ...and (if we may add) for diabetes, for breast cancer, for fibromyalgia, depression, high blood pressure, kidney problems, etc, etc!! This is exactly the kind of information you'll get at this year's Women's Retreat. "If women want to live their lives free from the fear of disease," Dr. Fuhrman notes, "They can take action now and make it taste delicious, too." Dr. Fuhrman hinted to us that the secret is what he calls nutritional "G-BOMBS" — an acronym for greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds to boost your immune system. In fact, Dr. Furhman's entire presentation is all about "super immunity." If you'd like to see Dr. Fuhrman in person, along with us (Paul and Ann), Rev. George Malkmus, Rhonda Malkmus, and a star studded line up of special speakers, you still have time! Click here to register for Women's Retreat 2012. Hurry! Women's Retreat 2012 starts next Thursday, October 18! Does your doctor know about the healing power of food? Comment below!

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