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Why You Should Avoid Statin Drugs

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Statin drugs may help lower blood cholesterol or your risk of heart disease, but these medications come with unpleasant—even dangerous—side effects. Numerous natural remedies may help lower cholesterol without the need for medication. Knowing about the dangers of statin drugs helps you make an informed decision about whether taking these medicines is a safe choice for you.

#1 Liver Damage

The liver filters out toxins from your body, which is a crucial part of staying healthy and lowering chronic disease risks. Unfortunately, statin use can cause an increase in enzymes that signal liver damage, according to the Mayo Clinic. If you take statin drugs and you experience weakness, fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, yellowing of the eyes or skin, or dark-colored urine, it could be a sign of trouble with your liver—which is an important organ needed for nearly every function within the body. tired woman feeling neck pain

#2 Muscle Damage and Pain

A common complaint of taking statin drugs is muscle pain and muscle damage. You might experience weakness, soreness, or a tired feeling in your muscles that makes working out and staying active difficult. Muscle pain may be mild or severe and can interfere with day-to-day activities. In rare cases, statins may cause life-threatening muscle damage, along with kidney failure, liver damage, or even death. While the risk of this is low, it’s alarming.

#3 Neurological Problems

Memory loss and confusion are possible symptoms of statin use, making the dangers of statin drugs a serious concern. Some people taking statins report neurological problems go away after discontinuing the drugs, but the severity of neurological side effects vary from person to person. Confusion and memory loss can significantly hinder your quality of life, negatively impact your job, and reduce your body’s ability to function the way God intended.

#4 Poor Blood Sugar Control

Numerous studies show an association between taking statin drugs, poor blood sugar control, and diabetes. When taking statins to lower blood cholesterol, your blood sugar levels may increase. This can be problematic if you already have diabetes or if you’re on the verge of developing type-2 diabetes.

#5 Kidney Damage

Statins can damage your kidneys, in addition to destroying your liver, MedlinePlus reports. Because the kidneys help filter toxins from your body, kidney damage can drastically hinder your quality of life and require dialysis or a kidney transplant in severe cases.

#6 GI Symptoms

When taking statins, gastrointestinal distress may occur. Cleveland Clinic says statins may cause nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation—which can affect the way your body absorbs nutrients, be bothersome, and make day-to-day tasks uncomfortable. woman with jogging injury

#7 Headaches and Dizziness

Other unpleasant side effects statins can cause are headaches and dizziness. These symptoms can simply be a nuisance or make it difficult to stay active and go to work. Either way, use caution when taking statins or other medications that cause headaches and dizziness.

#8 Birth Defects During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or nursing, statins are not safe for your developing baby, as these drugs increase the risk of birth defects. One 2014 study found that statins significantly increase the risk of having a miscarriage. One of the dangers of statin drugs for women of childbearing age is that not all pregnancies are planned. Getting pregnant unexpectedly while on statin drugs can have life-altering consequences.

#9 Medication Interactions

Statin drugs can negatively interact with other medications, causing additional negative side-effects or make the medications you’re taking less effective. That’s why lowering blood cholesterol naturally is a much safer option.

#10 Unknown Side Effects

Research is ongoing, regarding the dangers of statin drugs and how these medications affect health and longevity. That’s why using God’s natural methods for lowering cholesterol and preventing chronic disease is your safest bet.

Natural Cholesterol-Lowering Alternatives

Instead of relying on dangerous statin drugs, use a healthy lifestyle to lower high cholesterol and other heart-related conditions naturally. Examples of medication-free ways to get cholesterol under control include:
  1. Eat primarily a plant-based diet, such as the Hallelujah Diet.
  2. Take Hallelujah Diet supplements designed for your individual needs.
  3. Eat at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
  4. Eat soluble fiber found in legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, psyllium, and organic whole grains.
  5. Avoid processed meats, red meat, butter, full-fat dairy foods, animal fat, and other saturated fats.
  6. Replace animal fats with plant oils, avocados, and fish oil.
  7. Exercise regularly.
  8. Maintain a healthy weight.
Living a healthy lifestyle the way God intended is the natural way to keep high cholesterol and heart disease in check without medication and to avoid the dangerous side effects it can cause. Discontinuing medications (always check with your doctor first) puts less of a burden on your liver and kidneys, which filter out your body’s toxins.

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