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Why Mineral Makeup is Healthier For You

Even though a small bottle of makeup or personal care products seems to be harmless, the truth is that many of these products contain harmful, toxic ingredients.

For some women, beauty comes at a high cost because they choose to use beauty products that are quite dangerous for their health. Even though a small bottle of makeup or personal care products seems to be harmless, the truth is that many of these products contain harmful, toxic ingredients.

If you want to support your overall health and avoid some of the hormone-altering ingredients that are in common beauty products, then you need to do a little research to learn more about the alternatives that are available. Mineral makeup is one great option to consider, because this high quality makeup is much healthier than other types of makeup.

Dangers of Makeup and Beauty Products

Most foundations and powders are produced using man-made chemicals and ingredients. Even though these products might not immediately cause health problems, continued use can really take a toll on your body over time.

Minerals Instead of Chemicals

A quick look at the ingredient list on your makeup bottle might be shocking, because you will see a long list of chemicals that can be quite dangerous to your health. When you choose mineral makeup instead of other types, you can avoid fragrances, preservatives, waxes, and emollient oils that can be irritating to your skin and harmful to your health.

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Many makeup products are produced with man-made chemicals and ingredients, which can take a toll on your health over time.


Even though mineral makeup has only been in production since the 1970's, this method of application has actually been used anciently. Mineral makeup is produced by grinding up natural minerals to add color to the skin, instead of using the chemicals to change the color of the makeup.

What Types of Minerals are in My Makeup?

The minerals that are added to makeup vary depending on the type of makeup that you buy. Typically, this makeup is made by grinding up specific minerals that will create the right color and texture. These are some of the common minerals that you might find in your makeup:

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Iron Oxides
  • Titanium Dioxide

Products are micronized to different levels during the production process, depending on the type of makeup that is being produced. If it is a light coverage makeup, then the minerals are left larger so that they can be applied to the skin lightly. On the other hand, other mineral makeups are micronized to a finer level, creating makeup that offers more coverage.

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It is easy to see why mineral makeup is growing in popularity, especially among women who are looking for ways to live a natural lifestyle. This type of makeup is also becoming more popular for women who have sensitive skin. If you find that your skin frequently breaks out or gets irritated from the chemical-based makeups that you are using, then you should try a mineral product instead.

Beauty from the Inside Out

It is nice to wear makeup, but you also need to consider how you are supporting your beauty with your daily lifestyle habits. Beauty from the inside out is the best way to maintain a youthful appearance and improve the quality of your skin. In fact, a recent study found that increased servings of fruits and vegetables led to skin that appeared more attractive. Focus on a healthy diet with lots of vegetable juice for good skin color and high quality water to detoxify your body, and also be sure that you are getting a good supplement on a daily basis.

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