Why Do I Feel Awful When I Stop Eating Meat?

Why Do I Feel Awful When I Stop Eating Meat?

Many people feel ill when they first give up meat on The Hallelujah Diet — but don't be discouraged! There's a simple reason for it. Discover what it is and how to push through!
“George, I have a serious problem and need your help. I have several health issues and I KNOW your plan can help me. I believe in juicing and a vegan diet, but I just have one problem. It feels like my body NEEDS meat. After a few days without it, I begin to feel very weak and dizzy – lacking something I don’t know what. It feels like something is missing in my body, something my body needs that isn’t contained in The Hallelujah Diet. What is it that makes this happen? Will it go away and fix itself if I just continue on the diet? I really believe in what you teach and truly want to do it, but am having a horrible time with this issue. Please help me.” Cheryl S.

The Hallelujah Diet Response

Cheryl, what you are experiencing is normal. After decades of following the Standard American Diet, your body has become accustomed to the fatty meats – as well as the processed products, refined sugars, dairy, and more – so removing them from your diet can automatically kickstart a change, even if it seems negative at first. It’s much like quitting anything cold turkey. Thankfully, there’s good news: Your body will eventually replace unhealthy eating habits with a primarily raw, plant-based eating regimen. The Hallelujah Diet can fix your body after cutting meat out of your life. Beef and poultry are not the only options for protein. People do not realize that meat can be loaded with toxic substances: antibiotics, growth hormones, accumulated poisons embedded in artery-clogging fat, and more. Filling your body with such harmful substances can lead to chronic inflammation, heart disease, and other debilitating issues that put a strain on aging. When a person stops consuming meat, the body goes into a cleansing (or detox) mode, as it begins to rid itself of these accumulated toxins. It sounds like that is what you are experiencing. This cleansing can manifest with several symptoms: mild headaches, fatigue, weakness, slight dizziness, mucous drainage, diarrhea, pimple outbreaks, etc, but is rarely debilitating. These detox symptoms mean that the body is getting rid of accumulated toxins. This is an exciting positive not a negative because a person cannot regain their health until the body has had the opportunity to rid itself of these accumulated toxins. Some people, not understanding what is happening inside their body during detox, will often revert to their former diet, thinking the new diet is lacking something their body needs. When they return to the old diet which contains meat, it almost immediately stops the cleansing and starts accumulating more toxins. Sadly, because of this experience, many won’t ever try the diet again. However, sticking to plant-based eating comes with an abundance of health benefits. If a person wants to get well they must first allow this detox to take place. Cleansing or detox symptoms, if experienced at all, usually last for a week or less, but sometimes a little longer. After the bulk of the toxins have been released, the person starts to feel better. Energy begins to increase, physical problems start to disappear, and mental fog goes away, and the body begins to slowly but surely improve. Another one of the incredible health benefits of cutting meat out of your diet is how easy maintaining a healthy weight and dropping excess pounds can become. Think about it this way: When you consume meats that are loaded with saturated fat and high in calories, you’re bound to gain weight, especially when these products are a huge staple in your diet. Cutting products like beef out of your diet eliminates a large source of saturated fats, which ultimately helps you keep excess pounds off when you replace the foods with healthier, plant-based proteins. An eating regimen like the Hallelujah Diet is perfect for someone who is looking to make a lifestyle change and lose a few pounds. When your diet emphasizes raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, your body is fueled with foods that are more filling but lower in calories and fat. Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t only make you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin; it also contributes to increased energy levels, boosted metabolism, improved immunity, and reduced risk for multiple conditions like chronic inflammation, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even certain cancers. It is an exciting phenomenon to behold. I often encourage folks, before they begin the Hallelujah Diet, to record in a journal all known physical and psychological problems they are experiencing, no matter how insignificant that problem. Then, following the diet and lifestyle change, record any changes each day. Some during those first days may be recording some detox symptoms. Usually, this is quickly followed by an energy increase, weight control, and disappearing physical problems, one by one until the entire body and mind function at an optimal level. That’s when the person shouts “Hallelujah” as they experience their health restored and have the journal entries to prove it! Many have reported that when their doctor sees their physical problems disappearing, rather than being interested in what caused their health to improve, they will say, “Whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it!” With doctors reacting like this, there’s no reason why anyone should continue to believe that standard American dietary guidelines are the answer. Once you take the time to understand that meat doesn’t need to be a part of your diet, your body will reap the health benefits by learning to cope with the change that comes with a plant-based diet. Cheryl, remember the key takeaway of this letter: You can stop eating meat. Help your body go through the natural detox with The Perfect Cleanse. This kit comes with an abundance of juice powders that boost your energy and satisfy your body while preparing you for a lifestyle change. Once you’ve completed the cleanse, you can follow us on the path to better health with plant-based eating. Please take my advice to write in a journal about how you feel after changing your dietary habits. We can’t wait to hear about your results!

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