Why Are Celebrities Dropping Like Flies?

Why Are Celebrities Dropping Like Flies?

Have you noticed that while we are only beginning the third week of this new year, there have already been a sizeable number of deaths of famous people? What exactly is that number? From a website called tributes.com we found there are now 12 famous people who have died in the last 20 days.

We calculated their combined ages and divided by 12 to identify the average age of this group. The average age was 73.5. The World Bank website suggests that the average United States life expectancy is 78.8.

It just grieves us to see these talented people who have provided years worth of entertainment in the form of music, acting, and even as doctors to miss out on their golden years.

The causes of death were primarily liver cancer, another type of undisclosed cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease and possibly others that haven’t been disclosed.

As we continue to inch our way closer to 60 it becomes glaringly obvious how soon the 70’s will be knocking on our door.

Life as an entertainer, or a doctor can be stress-filled and fraught with sleepless nights, major traveling and poor quality food. We see these people as playing a character or the composer of some great song. But in reality, they are just like you and I. They need to rest. They need to exercise and stress will kill them just like it will kill us.

Although there was great fanfare when the government announced a couple of years ago that the current life expectancy of 78.8 is the longest this country has ever seen, it doesn’t feel like those numbers will pertain to the majority of us.

Let’s learn from these famous people’s early journeys to their graves. Let’s try not to succumb to the stress-filled, sleep-deprived, busyness of life and always remember that life is a gift that must be cherished. We must always appreciate each day, each breath and each moment. For, God never has guaranteed to us more than this very instance.

Love those around you, stay in gratitude to the One who created you, and know that you are just as famous as any of those who may have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Your star is shining brightly through you each day.

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