Powerful Response to "Where Is God In Time of Sickness"

Powerful Response to "Where Is God In Time of Sickness"

If Shawn had Rev's Malmkus' "Where Is God In Time of Sickness?" in printed form, every member of her church would have a copy! This woman is on fire for health!
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In last week’s Health Tip I asked if there were some folks who would like to see my feature article, titled “Where is God in Time of Sickness?”, placed in print form. There were many who responded, but there was one response in particular that I want to share. As I read it, I said to myself, “This person gets it – They truly understand what the problem is with regard to prayers for healing within the church not being answered.” May each person who reads the letter below also “Get It!”
Rev. Malkmus, you asked if we would like to have the article ‘Where is God in Time of Sickness’ placed in print (tract) form and if it was made available in print form, would we hand them out in church . . . YOU BET! I am a Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister and have long seen the need for people, especially in the church, to see the truths you shared in this article. So many people, rather than wanting to participate in their own healing, just want God to fix it for them with no effort or responsibility on their part. I am always amazed at people asking for people to pray for their health, yet when the Lord answers their prayer by sending someone to share God’s message of health and healing through simple diet and lifestyle change, they totally reject it. Why do they reject it? Because that is not the manner in which they want God to answer their prayer. I know some who have been exposed to the truth of how God wants us to eat and how what one eats effects their health, yet they still choose to make unhealthy choices. I don’t think they take their bodies as being the Lord’s temple seriously either, because they knowingly make bad choices and then ask the church to pray for their healing when they get sick as a result of these bad choices. I often think of how wonderful it would be if rather than spending all that time praying for those who are sick in our churches, we could spend that time praying for the lost, our church, our missionaries, our nation, and the world. If we would do that, we could change the world! And we could do that if only God’s people would eat according to the way God told us to eat in Genesis 1:29. Thank you again Rev. Malkmus for being willing to ‘tell it like it is’ and being willing to step on the toes of fellow Christians. I realize that among the majority of Christians, your message is not popular, but I strongly believe God wants to get this health message into the church, especially in these last days. In these last days, how are we ever going to get out there as His body to serve and minister to others if we are too sick and unhealthy to do so? My mind just races with thoughts of the possibilities if the people I know, even right here in our home church, were healthy enough to carry out the tasks the Lord lays on their hearts. But they are too busy going to doctor appointments, visiting each other in the hospital, and too tired, too sick, or in too much pain to be able to do the Lord’s work. I think this is Satan’s BEST tool, and the one he uses in the church to prevent His people from being able to do His work. Not to mention it is Satan’s food that is being served at every church function, foods that we ask God to bless. How can we ask in prayer for God to bless something we are going to put in His temple, our glorious God created bodies that is going to harm and bring sickness to these bodies? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could gather together without all those fried and sugar laden foods? My husband won’t even go to the men’s prayer breakfasts at our church because of the horrible food they offer. He says they even joke about it being ‘good and greasy’. Our church just recently put in a soda machine. I think this is so wrong! We should not be providing this unhealthy stuff to the church body. I have dreams of healthy smoothies taking the place of the Sunday morning coffee and donuts at church. So now they have added a pop machine – and then they will complain about not being able to control the kids after the sugar in the sodas gets them on sugar highs. Sorry to be so long! Guess this subject is one that I have long thought needed to get out to the folks in the church who are sick and dying needlessly because of their rotten diets. Thanks again for all your efforts to improve the health of God’s people! To sum it up – print that article – send me a thousand copies and I will distribute them. Shawn T.

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