Where Do I Get My Protein?

Where Do I Get My Protein?

We are conditioned to believe that protein can only come from animal products, but the truth is so much the opposite that you may be surprised!
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“Rev. George, Since I don’t eat much meat, where can I get my protein on The Hallelujah Diet?” Archie W.
All plant-based foods contain protein in greater or lesser amounts. For instance, spinach, kale, and broccoli are rich sources of protein, providing 40% to 50% of their calories in protein. In fact, there is more than twice the protein in one 100 calories of broccoli than there is in 100 calories of beef. Beans and legumes are another great source of protein, with many supplying 30 percent of their calories in the form of protein. Avocados, seeds and nuts are also great sources of protein. If a person is eating a good variety of foods and eating enough food to meet the caloric needs of their body, there is ample protein in The Hallelujah Diet. I am personally nearing my 80th birthday, have been on the 100% plant-based Hallelujah Diet for over 36 years, and have never experienced any lack in protein. I am still building muscle, my energy exceeds that of many a teenager, and my hair is growing so fast that my barber remarks about its rapid growth almost every time I get a haircut. After he had made that remark recently, I asked him if other men my age are not growing their hair as rapidly as I, and his reply was: ‘Most men your age either don’t have hair or are dead!’

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