What's Your Reason?

What's Your Reason?

Apparently, saving the lives of animals is more convicting than saving our own! An interesting new research study caught our attention today, showing that people who choose a vegetarian diet for ethical reasons are more strict about their diet and stay on it longer than those who go vegetarian for their health. However, both groups knew exactly what they were doing; their nutrition knowledge was the same. That blew us away! How could two groups so convicted about their changing their eating habits have such different dedication? Is it a denial thing? Do people who go on a vegetarian diet for their health think that their disease won't come back if they jump off the veggie bandwagon? We've definitely seen that happen. Sometimes, after people successfully self-heal themselves on The Hallelujah Diet, their dietary dedication wanes and they drift back to the Standard American Diet. And the disease comes back. That's why we try to emphasize that if you change your diet for health, do it with the right mindset. Don't look at diet change as a disease treatment that can stop after the disease goes away. That's not the idea. The idea is lifestyle change — change so that you can live free of disease that was caused your former diet. Are you wavering on your commitment to The Hallelujah Diet? Don't sweat it. Maybe you just need a little motivation. You know, something to remind you of why you did this in the first place. Take our FREE, 60 Days To Reclaim Your Health online video course. It may be just what you need to get back on track. :) What's your reason for being on The Hallelujah Diet? Comment below!

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