What Is Cancer And What Causes It?

What Is Cancer And What Causes It?

Colon Cancer and Lung Cancer Both Gone! Reading What Is Cancer And What Causes It? 10 minutes Next Hearty Split Pea Soup
In this Health Tip we are going to attempt to help people better understand what cancer really is, as well as causes it. In an effort to help our readers better understand cancer, let’s go back to creation and begin there. AFTER CREATION ALL HUMAN LIFE BEGAN AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL The Bible tells us in Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” After God created the first humans, Adam and Eve, all future human physical life began at the cellular level. An egg cell from the mother and a sperm cell from the father join together at conception. These two cells begin to multiply rapidly. The two cells become four cells; then eight, then 16, then 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc., until an entirely new physical body had been formed. Everything the human physical body is comprised of is living cells. That means our hair, nails, blood, bone, muscle, heart, immune system, and every other pieces part. By the time this new physical body is fully developed in mother’s womb, it is comprised of approximately 100 trillion living cells. Once the body has been fully formed and has reached its full complement of cells, this extremely rapid proliferation of new cells is designed by God to cease. It is only supposed to replace (replicate) existing cells with new cells (old cells dying and being replaced with new cells) at the rate of approximately 300 million per minute for the rest of its life. God made our body to constantly replace old cells with new ones. But there is something of vital importance that we must understand. As these old cells are replaced, the quality of the new cell is dependent on the building materials available to it as it replicates. Providing quality building materials for these living cells as they die and replace should be of highest priority for each of us. The quality of new cells is determined by us, not by God, nor by anyone else. WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK DETERMINES CELL QUALITY The key to health and length of life is what we place into our body for nourishment each and every day. New cells are fueled at a rate of 300 million per minute by what we eat and drink. To gain a better understanding of how God intended us to nourish these living cells we need to go back to the first two chapters of Genesis. After God had created Adam (See Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7), He placed him in a Garden (See Genesis 2:8-9), and instructed him about what he was to eat in order to provide proper nourishment for the living cells of which his body was comprised (Genesis 1:29). What did this diet consist of? Here is the first part of the key: it consisted of 100% plant-sourced foods. There were absolutely no animal source foods, refined sugar, refined flour, etc. in the original diet.
“and God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat .” Genesis 1:29
And here is the second part of the key. These garden foods were in their natural, raw, living form, as served up by nature. How do we know they were not cooked? Fire had not yet been discovered. It is also worth noting that all the animal creations of God in the wild, since creation to this present day, instinctively consume their food in its natural, raw, living form as served up by nature. Sadly man has lost this natural instinct to eat raw food. Today we cook most of our food before consuming it. In addition, man has added numerous non-garden foods to his diet. ALL COOKED FOOD IS DEAD FOOD Cooked food is devoid of its enzymes and thus devoid of its life form. Because it is dead, it does not provide living replacement cells with the quality building materials necessary to build a strong and vibrant new cell. Thus the new cell is weaker than the cell it is replacing. This results in a slow degeneration of the entire cellular structure of the body. The longer a person remains on this dead, cooked-food diet, the greater the breakdown of the body’s cellular structure. BUT WHAT IS CANCER? A large part of my library is devoted to the subject of cancer. Some of these books say that cancer is caused by bacteria. Others say it is caused by parasites, or by toxic substances in our air, water and food. Still others say cancer is the judgment of God. Since I was first told I had cancer way back in 1976, I have been researching this subject. After almost 35 years of research, I have boiled it down to this answer Cancer is nothing more or less than cells multiplying out of control. No matter what name the medical community gives it, all cancer cells are merely maverick or misbehaving cells. FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE Take a close look at the beautiful God-made body we each possess. Our entire physical body is made up of living cells. As we said earlier, there are approximately 100 trillion of them! Science tells us that within one year, some 98% of the cells that comprise our physical body today will have been replaced. In the regeneration process, every once in a while a new cell loses control and becomes a maverick. This is normal and natural. We all have them. Fortunately, God made provision for the destruction of these maverick cells. “T” cells within our blood search out and destroy mavericks before they can develop into a cancer cell. These “T” cells are scavenger cells put there by God to protect us. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is comprised of cooked meat, cooked dairy, cooked refined flour, cooked sugars and salt and caffeine. Rhonda calls this “Satan’s Alternative Diet.” When we eat this way, we are not providing our living cells with the building materials necessary to produce another healthy living cell. Cooked foods provide the body with junk building materials, devoid of life. This produces cells that are weaker than those they are replacing. The result is a slow but steady decline at the cellular level of our body. This decline continues as long as we continue to provide the body’s cells with inferior building materials. Our immune system, which protects us from germs, viruses and bacteria, is also compromised when we consume cooked food. It too becomes weaker, less efficient and less protective the longer we remain on a primarily cooked food diet. At the same time we are under-nourishing our living cells, we also add large amounts of garbage (I can’t think of a better way to describe the SAD diet). Our bodies become littered junkyards of dead debris and toxic materials. Our bodies then have the monumental task of not only trying to clean up the debris and overcoming all these toxins, but also trying to do it with a weakened and inefficient immune system. WHERE CANCER HAS ITS BEGINNING When our body becomes overwhelmed with toxins and our weakened immune system can no longer cope, a maverick cell may not be sought out and disposed of by the body’s “T” cells, as God designed. So what happens to that maverick cell that escaped detection? It starts to grow and split, grow and split. Depending on the location of where this growing and splitting takes place, cancer may begin. We all have maverick cells with the potential of ultimately becoming cancer cells. However, if our immune system is kept strong and functioning properly with a raw, plant-based diet, including lots of freshly extracted raw vegetable juices, the body will be strong enough to naturally seek out and dispose of them very nicely before they develop into cancer cells. HOW THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY DEALS WITH THESE OUT OF CONTROL CELLS The medical community has some 110 different names for cancer. Depending on the location, it can be called brain cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, thyroid cancer, and the list goes on. But all cancers, no matter their location, are merely maverick cells growing and splitting out of control. Medical schools teach that the only way to deal with cancer cells is aggressively, using such modalities as chemotherapy (a toxic poison), radiation (burning), and/or surgery (removal). Chemotherapy involves using extremely toxic, poisonous chemicals derived from mustard gas and used to kill the enemy in World War I. This toxic chemical has never been tested in double blind studies as to its efficacy. Unbelievably, chemotherapy has been shown to be potentially capable of creating cancer in a non-cancerous person. Sadly, the only modalities a medical doctor has been taught to use, and in most states can legally use, are those that either poison the cancer cells, burn out the cancer cells, or cut out the cancer cells. If these aggressive immune system damaging modalities are not successful in stopping the cancers growth, the patient is usually pronounced terminal and often given only months or a few years to live. In some states here in the United States of America, if a doctor uses any other modality (including nutrition) other than the poisoning, burning or cutting to subdue a cancer, the doctor can lose his or her license, be fined, and possibly even go to jail. IS THERE A BETTER WAY THAN THE WORLD’S WAY OF DEALING WITH CANCER? Absolutely! And that better way is what we teach here at Hallelujah Acres. We teach that almost every physical problem we experience, including cancer, is merely a toxic body, reacting to an improper diet and lifestyle with a weakened immune system. We suggest that rather than further weakening the immune system with toxic chemicals, burning radiation, or cutting out body parts with surgery, a far better approach is to stop consuming toxic and dead foods that originally set the stage for cancer. When we switch to raw, living, plant-based foods that will rebuild the immune system, they body can do what God designed it to, which is heal itself!

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