Women's Health - What I Wish I Would Have Done When I was Younger

Women's Health - What I Wish I Would Have Done When I was Younger

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No matter your age, it is important that you are taking proactive steps to protect your health and avoid chronic disease. Lifestyle choices play a direct impact on your overall health and wellness, and these choices can affect your hormone levels as well. As we talk with mature women, we have heard a few common things that they wish they would have done when they were younger, especially after they realize how much their choices early in life impact their health later in life. These are a few of the ways that you can boost your health in your early years, to improve your health in your later years:

Use Sun Protection

It might seem glamorous to have tan, glowing skin in your youth, but that sun damage really starts to show up as you get older. There are many reasons why you should cover up and use non-toxic sunscreen, in order to protect against the damage that can occur. Too much sun exposure leads to premature wrinkles and sun spots, although moderate sun exposure it important for optimal health.

Be Picky About Your Shoes

In your youth, it might seem like fun to put on a tall pair of heels for the night. But, wearing these shoes too often can cause damaging effects on your feet, which can result in long-lasting pain later in life. Take care of your feet when you are young, in order to avoid foot problems and even surgery when you get older. Choose shoes that have good arch support, fit your feet properly, and offer good cushioning for your entire foot.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Younger people don’t realize the value of exercise, especially because they always have high energy levels and a high metabolism. As you get older, it becomes much harder to establish a regular exercise routine, which is why you should work to establish these routines early in life. Staying active and fit makes it much easier to maintain mobility as you age.

Eat Healthy

Just because you have a high metabolism in your youth, doesn’t mean that you should be eating anything that you want. Forming healthy habits early in life makes it much easier to maintain those heathy habits as you get older. You can reduce your risk of chronic disease and illness by cutting the junk food and focusing on plant foods instead. Eating healthy will help you to extend your life and reduce your risk of serious life-threatening diseases.

Be Consistent with Healthy Supplements

High quality supplements are beneficial at every age, especially if you are looking for ways to balance your hormones. Get in the habit of taking a good supplement each day and pay attention to the ways that it impacts your health. If you need a good supplement, check out our Luminology line that is designed for women of all ages.

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