What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

Where can you go for expert, unbiased information to assist you in learning more about your own health, the foods you eat, the toxins you ingest and ways to overcome debilitating disease? Look no further! With 22 years experience in the health and wellness field, and a staff that consists of a naturopathic doctor, a PhD biochemist and health experts with a combination of over 100 years of health study, the Hallelujah Diet presents Health Minister Training. A 4 day program consisting of intense, informative and enlightening material that ranges from inspiring lectures, powerful presentations, amazing handouts and a magnificent manual loaded with recipes, articles, studies and more, plus live demonstrations, videos, and living food and juices that will feed your body while your brain is being fed. There are two ways you can participate in this life-changing experience:
  1. Our final Live Health Minister Training for the year will be October 21 through 24 at Hallelujah Diet Headquarters in Gastonia, NC. The days begin at 8:30 am and adjourn around 5:00 pm and by the end of the week, you will be filled with food, fun and lots of information. Former students praise the immense amount of information and knowledge they have received throughout the week – more than they ever imagined. We take good care of our Health Ministers! The next live training won’t happen again until sometime next year.
  1. For those unable to make the trip to beautiful North Carolina, you can take the training on-line. Every Second Tuesday of the month we begin a new Health Minister training. This 6-week program is broken up into 26 different easy to use modules that provide you the opportunity to interact with classmates from all over the world! The experience uses a multi-media approach with a Health Minister Facilitator overseeing your class. Many students’ evaluations reveal their surprise at the depth of knowledge and information as well as the relationships built with others as they complete each module.
Hear what others say about Health Minister Training:
Even if someone has no desire to do health consults or teach classes - it's a fantastic way to improve ones' life. For sure anyone who's got kids - needs to learn this. They should teach this in public schools

- Maria M.

It was very informative and I think other people need to learn so they can get the word out what a healthy lifestyle should consist of.

- Londa B.

If you want to expand your knowledge of nutrition, health and wellness in a Christian-centered environment, this is what you are looking for. Our graduates leave with the confidence to share the information they learned with family, friends and they are able to speak intelligently in front of large groups speaking on health issues and why disease develops. Others have also started their own small businesses where they teach classes on health, food preparation or related topics. Some have started a smoothie or juicing business. There are many other creative ways that our Health Ministers have started helping others learn about the power of the self-healing body. In addition to the great information you receive, you will also get a large manual filled with up-to-date research and information on toxins, nutrients and the Hallelujah Diet. You will also receive handouts to share, a tool-box filled with books, videos, magazines and more. As a Health Minister you will receive access to a special area of the Hallelujah Diet website exclusively for Health Ministers where you can download lectures, presentations, articles to share and marketing materials. And you will begin receiving special notices to ensure you are the first to learn of new events, products and studies that our research department is working on—Health Ministers often participate in those studies! We train you, we provide you with great tools and then we stay in touch with you so together, we can reach out and tell the world they don’t have to be sick! For more information on how to participate in either the Live or the On-line Training October Health Minister Training LIVE in Gastonia, NC Health Minister Training Online More of what others say about Health Minister Training:
Whether I go on to sell and teach, etc or not, I feel like I learned this lifestyle and diet at a deeper level of understanding than I did in just hearing Rev Malkmus speak or in reading a book. Even if only for personal enrichment, this course is worth the time and money.

- Anna-Marie D.

It truly challenged me and changed my life. I am motivated to share this information so others can be healed and live a healthy life and experience God's joy.

- Michael M.

Most definitely would recommend this training to others. For the reason that we need as many people as we can to get the word out. I wish I had known about the Hallelujah Diet when I was younger.

- Donna M.

I've been trying to eat healthy for about 15 years now. This course taught me things I didn't know. Alive foods vs dead foods is soooo easy to understand yet I didn't have that knowledge. Things like that. The education about enzymes. The course was rich with information.

- Lorraine F.

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