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What Are the Best Health Books for Understanding Plant-Based Diets?

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If you’re thinking about beginning a plant-based diet to improve your health and lower disease risks, reading some of the best health books can help! These books help you understand God’s plan in your life, and how to use nutrition as a holistic way to maximize health and wellness. Having a list handy helps you choose some of the best biblically based health books to get you headed in the right direction.

1. God’s Way to Ultimate Health

God’s Way to Ultimate Health is a guide to healthy eating that teaches about God’s plan for nourishing your body naturally to stay healthy. The book shows the advantages of choosing a plant-only diet and what the Bible says about nutrition. It demonstrates that modern science supports health concepts in the Bible and is backed by testimonies about how changing dietary habits has saved lives.

2. Unravel the Mystery: A Simple Effective Approach to Beating Cancer

When reading Unravel the Mystery: A Simple Effective Approach to Beating Cancer, you’ll learn about what really causes cancer and how to enhance your body’s natural self-healing power given to you by God. Improving health means making lifestyle changes to minimize daily toxin exposure. The book discusses recent research showing ways to boost your body’s immune system naturally. You’ll learn about inspirational stories that have changed lives, and how to support friends and family members with a cancer diagnosis.

3. The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a common chronic disease, affecting about 20 million Americans. Even the prevalence of diabetes in children has increased due to sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits. The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar is a booklet that answers questions you may have about diabetes and how to prevent it. It also discusses ways to help your body restore blood sugar levels, and reverse early signs of diabetes naturally by eating wholesome foods and choosing healthy lifestyle habits.

4. Pregnancy, Children & the Hallelujah Diet

Getting proper nutrition is crucial for pregnant and nursing women and young children. The book Pregnancy, Children & the Hallelujah Diet teaches you how to enhance nutrition with the plant-based Halleluiah Diet before, during, and after pregnancy to have a healthy, beautiful child God designed for you. By carefully planning you and your child’s diet and taking supplements as needed, you’ll receive the essential nutrients your body needs daily to achieve and maintain a disease-free life. Apples

5. A Message of Hope and Healing: A Christian Health Primer

A Message of Hope and Healing: A Christian Health Primer is a book that teaches about principles of the plant-based Hallelujah Diet to boost your body’s immune system naturally and prevent or fight chronic diseases—especially cancer. Following the Hallelujah Diet and taking its supplements is the key to a living a more fulfilling, healthier life. The book addresses nutrition as it relates to the Bible and provides personal testimonies and studies about God’s plan for nutrition and health.

6. Examining the Hallelujah Diet

Examining the Hallelujah Diet is a book that compares the Hallelujah Diet with the Standard American Diet (SAD), and shows following a plant-based diet can drastically improve your health and fight disease. The book discusses ways your body can heal itself when protected from toxins and given proper nutrition. It’s an eye-opening book that will inspire you to give the Hallelujah Diet a try! coffee bean cross

7. God’s Original Diet

After reading God’s Original Diet, you’ll know more about avoiding disease and sickness naturally without the need for medications. The book discusses ways to make dietary changes that prevent or reverse diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart problems, osteoarthritis, asthma, and allergies. It also teaches you about ways to pray to promote healing.

8. Total Cleansing

Total Cleansing is a health book about the secrets of detoxing your body. It guides you step-by-step through principals of nutrition, exercise, social support, and natural cleansing to rid your body of disease-causing toxins. It shows you how to eat normally after a fast and get in touch with true hunger to reset your appetite. You’ll learn how medications and illness disrupt your body’s natural cleansing ability, and ways natural cleansing protects you against colon cancer and other digestive health conditions. You’ll receive recipes as well.

9. Why Christians Get Sick

If you’ve ever wondered why Christians get sick, the book Why Christians Get Sick is for you. It discusses some reasons Christians become sick when they don’t follow God’s Biblical principles related to nutrition. It shows you ways to prevent disease naturally.

10. The Hallelujah Diet

The Hallelujah Diet is a step-by-step guide book about the disease-fighting, plant-based Hallelujah Diet. It shows that eating plant foods only and taking dietary supplements meets your body’s nutritional needs without toxins and other cancer-causing ingredients found in the standard American diet. It cites research showing the truth about plant-based diets, and why these diets are becoming so popular.

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