What An Inspiration!!

What An Inspiration!!

Have you ever met anyone who you are just in awe of? Well, fortunately for me, Ann, I have known this woman for well over 30 years and she continues to amaze me. I had the great pleasure of eating lunch at Audrey’s house today, while I was traveling through the area. Her kitchen had a Vitamix blender, a champion juicer, a water distiller, a Soyabella milk maker and a ninja to make nut butter. This incredible woman makes her own nut milks, juices, blended salads, distilled water, nut butters, kombucha, home-made breads, and oh by the way, did I mention she will be 87 this year? IMG_0411-copyAs you continue to read in amazement, you must also know that she has walked 4 miles a day until recently when the cold climate prevented that, so now she walks a mile every day in her basement. She is very active in her church and has enjoyed watching four of her grandchildren grow up. They live just down the street so they have spent many days and nights with her learning everything from piano to cooking to gardening to playing cards. While in college, Audrey majored in home economics and after raising 8 healthy children, she continued researching how nutrition plays such a vital role in maintaining vibrant health. Although she has never been to Hallelujah Health Minister Training, she may as well receive an honorary certificate since she has been an avid proponent of clean eating for over 30 years. While she has been a widow for over 30 years and had to learn how to live alone and provide for herself, she knew the value of maintaining her health. She has researched through reading many books, and again amazingly, through watching health videos and reading blogs of health minded professionals and doctors who she has learned much from. Can you even believe that an almost 87 year old has found her way in the world of technology to order non-irradiated almonds directly from the grower? She has also found quality, non-GMO wheat sourced directly from the grower. And if anyone knows the details of making kombucha, you will be suitably impressed that this extraordinary lady creates 2 gallons at a time! As I have had the distinct honor of tasting it, I must say, it was much smoother, less sweet and less carbonated than the commercial kombucha you can purchase in the health food stores. Again, I say…amazing! Audrey’s greatest desire is to continue to live pain free, stay independent, and never have to live in a nursing home. Although she has never been terribly ill, she has eliminated any excess weight, as well as all arthritis from her hands to her hips. She has been able to minimize all bladder infection issues as well as blood sugar issues. With such vast amount of knowledge and experience as well as being a living, breathing example of how clean eating can eliminate arthritis, pain, inflammation and produce vibrant energy and quality of life, you would think those in her sphere of influence would learn from her and eagerly join her in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. But alas, whether habits are too hard to break, or the all-too-easy excuse of lacking the right amount of time, or maybe even the fact that she is an older person, people who desperately need to hear her, don’t seem to give her the attention she deserves. Why is it that in our culture, the older generation is not given the respect that their wisdom deserves? What is truly crazy is that the reason these people are getting old is because they are taking such good care of themselves and those of us who want to get to that age really do need to take notice—or we will never, ever reach that age. Or if we do, we won’t have the quality of life that someone like Audrey has. She has been able to convince several people to change their lifestyles and the results and the testimonies have been rewarding: Exceptional weight loss for some, life-saving for others, and pure joy for all who have heard and followed her guidance. We salute you Audrey, for your discipline, your continued efforts in creating quality, clean foods for your body, and your earnest desire to spread the message that people don’t have to be sick. You are a true inspiration to us and you are a model that all in this country should follow. If we all spent more time in the kitchen making quality foods and drinks, we would spend much less time (and money) in clinics, doctor offices and even in anti-aging efforts. Let’s all set aside the excuses and get back into the kitchen and begin anew the effort to create clean, healthy food for this incredible temple that God created.

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