Weight Loss Success & Heartbreaking Letters

Weight Loss Success & Heartbreaking Letters

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Your letters of testimony of what the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle have done for you or your loved ones are such an encouragement to this editor. Thank you to all who have written this past week! I love hearing from our readers so please keep those letters coming.
“I have been on the Hallelujah Diet for approximately ten months and have noticed improvement in a wide range of health problems – from heart problems, high cholesterol, arthritis pains (including swollen joints), and weight. “Without even trying I lost over 25 pounds in the first few months of adopting the diet. “At first I didn’t stick with the diet fully, but now am more committed as I see the incredible improvements in my health mounting. “It appears my sinuses have been healed and the nose bleeds I used to have regularly have almost disappeared. “I am from Londonberry in Northern Ireland and at present am visiting with my daughter in Toronto, Canada. “I have just been to a food preparation class with Judy Fleming at Hallelujah Acres’ Canadian headquarters in Toronto and enjoyed it so much. The food was delicious and I am looking forward to going back for the 3.5 day retreat with Judy next week. “When I get back to Northern Ireland I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with my church.” Sharron A., Londonberry, Northern Ireland
“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I recently attended the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister training in Irvine, California. I found this training so enlightening. “Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle I have lost 30 pounds in just a little over three months. “I am writing to say ‘thank you’ for stepping out by faith to share this Health Message. Now I am looking forward to helping others learn about God’s Way to Ultimate Health. “I am making plans to attend the ‘Women’s Retreat’ there at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby in October. “May God continue to bless you and your family in a tremendous way.” Liz A., California
How I love to read letters of improved health like those shared above. Unfortunately, I also receive many letters that are heartbreaking.
“I received a call from my sister regarding her granddaughter who was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday. This little girl will not be two years old until next month. My sister tells me that the doctors are going to do chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. This is such a tragedy for the whole family. “Can Hallelujah Acres offer a better solution than chemo and a bone marrow transplant that I can pass on to my sister?” Carol M.
“I have a friend that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is the most aggressive kind. Do you have any testimonials of people being cured of this tumor by adopting the Hallelujah Diet? She was diagnosed eight months ago and has already had surgery, 49 rounds of radiation, and currently is taking chemo. “The doctors are offering her little hope. We are looking for that glimmer of hope. “Months ago I showed her the Hallelujah Acres website and asked her and her family to consider the Hallelujah Acres diet and Lifestyle, but they haven’t as yet given it any consideration.” Cindy G.
“I ask that you pray for me that I can have the strength to overcome this overwhelming burden of alcohol in my life. “In the past four years I have lost my husband to cancer, my brother to an accidental overdose, and my best friend who was a paraplegic has died. Recently I was forced to sell my home and declare bankruptcy. I am at the lowest I’ve ever been. One daughter lives in Maine and will not even speak to me. The other daughter lives about a mile away and I am being estranged from her and my granddaughters. “I love my family so much and need prayer to overcome this horrible addiction to alcohol. Please pray for me. I ‘stumbled’ across your Hallelujah Acres website just yesterday and feel that the Lord led me to you.” , Connecticut

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