Vote for Health

Vote for Health

Paul and I just returned from early voting. We take serious our responsibility and duty to help ensure this great Nation is being lead at the highest level by people who are most likely to protect the Constitution and our rights as citizens. Not only will our elected leaders have to make monumental decisions that impact our security but they also will influence how free we are to make decisions impacting our health and the health of our families.

Most people aren’t aware … The natural food industry is under constant attack. There have been many attempts to limit and restrict nutritional supplement sale and use over the years. The pharmaceutical industry is a giant business making billions of dollars annually. They have high-paid lobbyists in Washington to put pressure on our elected officials to make laws that benefit the pharmaceutical industry financially. Of course these laws are disguised as protecting the public from supplements that might do harm. Dick Chaney was on the board directors of a pharmaceutical company before becoming the vice president. Do you think he was pro prescription drug or natural supplements? The pharmaceutical industry had a strong ally at the highest level of government. Who knows how many other congressmen/senators and even higher who have interests in the pharmaceutical industry?

Disease is big industry all the way around. The pharmaceutical industry isn’t the only group who works to protect their turf. The American Medical Association (AMA) is another extremely powerful group that stops at nothing and why shouldn’t they – they don’t want competition.

The mission of the Hallelujah Diet is to help people improve their health. While we as a country have experienced the beginnings of a health revolution, there is still much work to be done. The United States is still among the sickest of countries in the world, all while spending more per capita on so-called health care.

Now that we are seeing premiums increasing for health insurance by 25% while deductibles become even more outrageous. What is a person/family to do?

  1. Follow the Money – Who are the organizations that are contributing to the candidate’s campaign? Large companies donate to campaigns to gain favor. This happens at every level of government. Some savvy business people will contribute to both the republican and democratic candidate basically hedging their bet. This provides the company access regardless of who wins the election.
  2. Choice/No-Choice – Look closely at the candidates voting records when it comes to an individual’s rights. With all the rhetoric spewed by politicians during campaigns the only way to see how they really think is by looking at how they have voted in the past. Have they voted in ways that have limited your rights in the name of public safety? Take the vaccination debate – people who are pro-vaccine say every child needs to be vaccinated to protect the health of even those children who are vaccinated. So, they take the parents’ right away to make the decision for their child. There are many other examples of big government taking away people’s rights.
  3. Quality and Safety of Food – While it may be a bit premature to determine which of the candidates will work to protect your food, it is still something that you must consider while determining your choice. Since you may not be in the position to grow your own food, then you must rely on the government to protect you from inferior farming practices, overuse of pesticides and other chemicals and introducing genetically modified seeds that are banned in many other countries.

Although there are numerous important topics that people will be voting on, such as who will bring in new supreme court justices, immigration, security, jobs, economics, and so on, we urge you to also consider the important topic of your health. We ask you to consider which candidate will have the greatest positive effect on the purity of the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. The daily activities that you perform are truly a life or death type of situation that, although aren’t deemed important enough to be discussed during a national debate, are vital to the very existence of your maintaining your health and your life.

As you perform your research and pray over your decision, remember that:

First, God is in control and no matter what happens, He will have the final say.

Second, no matter who becomes president, the United States doesn’t have a true “Health Care Program.” We have a “Disease Management System.” Therefore, despite living in a country where there is a history of “Firsts” and “pioneers” in the medical field, the reality is that until this country begins to see the root causes of disease and develops programs to prevent disease, as well as cleans up the way the fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts are grown, then, the battle of disease will only escalate and it will ultimately become a society of survival of the fittest.

Finally, our churches and our government need to begin to see our country in the same way. To be able to feed, house and educate even the poorest people in our country, the churches will need to begin to lend a hand. If our churches would begin to see their backyards as mission fields and not third world countries, and if our churches spent more money on their own parishioners than on the buildings, musical instruments and the desire to grow, and, if the government worked with the churches instead of alienated them, then, and only then, can we continue to do what the Lord has always wanted us to do—take care of the widows, the orphans and those who desperately need care. We don’t need a tax or other government mandates to accomplish this—we just need to work together.

Many people have believed that their vote wouldn’t make a difference so they didn’t get involved and let others make decisions that impacted their lives. If we don’t use the power given to us through the Constitution, then we are allowing others to make decisions for us…talk about being victims. People who don’t vote have no right to complain. While this has been a particularly difficult time for our country, it’s exciting to see so many people who usually don’t vote actually get involved. But, for the sake of your health and your family’s health, please take the time to educate yourself, pray, and then vote.

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