More On Vitamin D

More On Vitamin D

In one of the more recent articles I wrote titled “Vitamin D – Are You Deficient” I told of the importance of this vitamin whether you were on the Hallelujah Diet or not. There was a good response from our readers to this article and I will share one of these responses below. It is from Dr. Chinwe U, (means “God’s Own") in which she wrote:
“A very informative article. I take a daily dose of 5 capsules of 1000 IU of vitamin D3 which adds up to 5000 IU daily. In addition to the Hallelujah Diet, it is the most helpful supplement. Vitamin D3 helps keep my immune system in top gear to prevent cancer re-occurrence, and prevent the 3 deadly D’s - Depression, Diabetes, and Dementia. As an African, the melanin pigment, that makes our skin dark, impairs our skin’s ability to make vitamin D maximally. I always insist my patients test their vitamin D3 level, before they start supplementation. Most of their results reveal alarming levels of deficiency. When it comes to the issue of melanoma, the man-made environmental hazards of excessive hydrocarbon emissions, global warming and ozone layer depletion have contributed to the factors that have combined to make scientists to conclude in error that the problem is the sunlight. The sun is good and most fundamental to our survival on planet Earth. The alarming rise of melanomas (skin cancer) should make us seek and search earnestly for hidden causes which may well be linked to our favorite processed, preserved and packaged delicacies. May God help us open our eyes!”
And then there was this interesting article in The Blaylock Wellness Report for the month of October 2014 titled “Vitamin D3: Essential for Immune Health”:
“Vitamin D3, the functional form of the vitamin, is essential for a great number of cell functions, not just healthy bones. One of its more interesting functions is immunomodulation – which means if your immune system is overactive, the vitamin calms it down; if underactive, the vitamin pumps it up. “Vitamin D3 deficiencies are almost ubiquitous (seeming to exist everywhere) in our society – especially among those with dark skin. The darker a person’s skin, the more likely a D3 deficiency exists. “This happens because dark pigment in the skin filters out the UV rays before they can reach the vitamin D3 producing mechanisms in the lower skin layers…. Adequate vitamin D3 levels protect all cells, but especially the immune cells, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. It also seems to lower cancer risk for a number of types of cancer. To determine if you are deficient you should get a vitamin D3 blood level (most labs do it). The optimal levels are about 60 ng/ml and below 100 ng/ml."
In my previous article I shared that both Rhonda and I take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 on a daily basis except for possibly during the summer months when we are taking daily beach walks and getting plenty of sunlight on our skin.

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