Ulcerative Colitis... Gone For Good!

Ulcerative Colitis... Gone For Good!

Wonderful testimonies of people’s health being restored as a result of doing something as simple as changing what they eat continue to roll in:
“I have known about the Hallelujah Diet for 5 years, and since applying the diet completely into my life, following attending Health Minister Training, have seen GREAT results! No more ulcerative colitis symptoms. PRAISE GOD! I have more strength and energy, and need less sleep. In fact, I just feel better all over as I implement the Hallelujah Diet more and more. I first got on the Hallelujah Diet after a friend shared it with me and introduced me to your book “God’s Way to Ultimate Health”. There were odd days when I strayed from the diet and ate something from the Standard American Diet, but I moved on with the diet the next day, as there is no going back for me. With the Hallelujah Diet, I can serve the Lord better. I know also of the spiritual battle, as Satan frequently tempts me. None of my friends really understand what I am doing, and they think I am nuts, or weird, or even strange, but they are still my friends. I will send another Hallelujah Diet testimony in the future. I am a busy Bible College student. Please keep sending me the Hallelujah Health Tip each week.” ~ Health Minister Peter S., Canada
“A few years ago I attended a workshop on the Hallelujah Diet. I attended due to the fact that we had a 7-year-old daughter with epilepsy (5-10 seizures daily since age 4), ongoing vaginal irritation since birth, blackness around the eyes, chronic sinus disease, itchy skin and frequent rashes, loss of bladder control at night, etc., etc. We were at the end of the line with the medical profession. My daughter had been prescribed endless drugs since she was born and the fact that her epilepsy could not be controlled on any anti-convulsant drug was a mystery to the doctors, although they continued to experiment. As parents, words cannot explain our emotional state at that time. To cut a very long story short, we now enjoy a healthy child and a healthy lifestyle on the Hallelujah Diet! The best being that our daughter is now free of seizures and drugs. As a family, her case has enlightened us to look at our own health issues and the direct relationship between what we eat and our health; hence we all enjoy her newfound energy and love for life." ~ Anonymous

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