A Touchdown for Your Team, A Win for Your Health

A Touchdown for Your Team, A Win for Your Health

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September is here, and aside from the arrival of the fall equinox, this gorgeous season also means it’s time for football! For the next five months or so, our weeks will be punctuated with days of camaraderie, competitive spirit and, yes, delicious food. Whether you’re tailgating at your home team’s stadium or hosting a gathering with family and friends, there’s no need to sacrifice your favorite quintessential “game foods.” Work up everyone’s appetite and foster health with some palate-pleasing, plant-based snacks and beverages. We have some tasty, nutritional Hallelujah Diet! recipes for you to help you get started and get creative. But first… Remember: As you enjoy these foods, it’s vital to provide your body with the support it needs to optimize absorption of the essential nutrients you take in—especially on days when we tend to overindulge a bit. What are digestive enzymes? Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down food into nutrients. The enzymes are produced by the body, mostly in the pancreas and small intestine. Raw, uncooked foods also contain naturally occurring digestive enzymes. Why do we need digestive enzyme supplements? Your body does not absorb food—it absorbs nutrients. Regardless of how healthy you eat, if your body cannot properly absorb nutrients, it cannot maximize the benefits of anything you consume. For example, when you eat an avocado, what matters is that your body is able to use the avocado’s nutritional components—fatty acids, vitamins and minerals—in order to promote healthy functioning all around. But sometimes, our bodies do not produce enough enzymes. This is called pancreatic insufficiency. Things like inflammation, disease, stress and even age can hamper the production of digestive enzymes. To ensure you have a sufficient amount, you should accompany your meals with digestive enzyme supplements so you can reap the most nutritional and disease-prevention benefits from your food. If you eat cooked or processed foods, digestive enzyme supplements are even more necessary since heat and processing destroy the enzymes that naturally occur in food. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about digestive health overall.

What do you look for in a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement? As with all supplements, not all are created equal. The best supplements will contain multiple enzymes rather than just one; sufficient potency levels; and no sugar, salt, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, wheat, gluten or preservatives. Most importantly, a good digestive enzyme supplement will complement what you eat. For instance, those who eat whole, plant-based foods need cellulase to target the breakdown of plant fibers. On top of that, enzyme supplements need other minerals to amplify digestion, such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Hallelujah Diet Digestive Enzymes were formulated with your plant-based lifestyle in mind to ensure the highest level of digestion and, therefore, nutrient absorption.

Now that you’re all caught up with the importance of digestive enzymes… here are our Hallelujah Diet Recipes: Football Edition! Try our tried-and-tasty recipes any sports fanatic or foodie will love—all raw, all plant-based, and all packed with the nutrients your body needs to stay energized, clean, and running at full speed. You may be surprised when even your meat-loving friends ask for seconds!

Game Day Black Bean Burgers

Feature Ingredient: Black beans Nutritional Benefits: Black beans are very high in protein, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. See the Full Recipe

Mouth-Watering Vegan Hot Dogs

Feature Ingredient: Hallelujah Diet BeetMax powder Nutritional Benefits: Beets are known to support healthy red blood cells and also offer lots of fiber, vitamin C, and manganese. See the Full Recipe

Refresh & Rejuvenate Lemonade

Feature Ingredient: Granny Smith apples Nutritional Benefits: Granny Smith apples are chockfull of antioxidants vitamin C and flavonoids, which both help fight cell-damaging free radicals. See the Full Recipe

Crunchy Crisp Kale Chips

Feature Ingredient: Kale Nutritional Benefits: Often known as the king of superfoods, kale contains significantly high levels of vitamins A, C and K along with a host of other nutrients, making it an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory powerhouse. See the Full Recipe

Creamy-Delicious Cauliflower Salad

Feature Ingredient: Cauliflower Nutritional Benefits: Cauliflowers are rich in minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin B and C and potassium, and also contain a sulfur compound that’s been shown to kill cancer stem cells. See the Full Recipe

Festive Guacamole

Feature Ingredient: Avocados Nutritional Benefits: Sometimes called “Nature’s mayonnaise,” avocados are full of healthy fatty acids and fiber. See the Full Recipe

Berry Bonanza Smoothie

Feature Ingredient: Strawberries & raspberries Nutritional Benefits: Both these berries are high in vitamin C, but raspberries also contain a great amount of dietary fiber. See the Full Recipe Nature has gifted us with so many options to create and recreate our favorite dishes to boost our health without compromising it. Ready to cheer on your favorite team with a side of deliciousness? Go ahead, celebrate, mingle, and fall in love with food again!

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Vitamin B12: Are You Deficient?

Vitamin B12: Are You Deficient?

Vitamin B12: Are You Deficient?

When I founded Hallelujah Acres over 20 years a...

Vitamin B12: Are You Deficient?

Vitamin B12: Are You Deficient?

Vitamin B12: Are You Deficient?

When I founded Hallelujah Acres over 20 years a...

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