Tips for Reducing Weight Gain During Menopause

Tips for Reducing Weight Gain During Menopause

Here are a few natural ways to reduce your chances of gaining weight during this inevitable cycle.
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When you go through menopause, your body produces less estrogen and progesterone. This sudden hormonal change has a large impact on your body and may produce a number of debilitating symptoms. Vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings and changes in your hair and skin are a few of the common signs that you're going through menopause. Some women also experience joint pain and weight gain during this period of time. Hormonal imbalances and alterations in your lifestyle could prompt a change in body shape or excess weight. Gaining pounds at any stage of your life is frustrating, but it can be especially discouraging while you're going through menopause. Here are a few natural ways to reduce your chance of gaining weight during this inevitable cycle: Prioritize Muscle-strengthening Exercises According to Harvard Medical School, you begin to lose 3-5 percent of your muscles mass every decade after the age of 30. That means by the time you reach menopause, majority of your muscle will diminish if you don't exercise. Your body relies on muscle for strength, mobility and metabolism, the process in which your body converts the foods you eat into energy. With a low metabolism, your body won't burn calories as fast, and you're more likely to gain weight. This reality makes maintaining muscle mass critical. Most people associate cardiovascular exercise with weight loss, but that activity will go only so far. Strength training doesn't only sculpt your muscles; it also improves your metabolism and increases your chance of losing weight. But don't be intimidated; strength training through weight lifting doesn't mean you're going to bulk up. This change will happen only if you correlate copious amounts of exercise with consuming lots of calories. If you're new to weight training, head to your local fitness center and ask to work with a personal trainer. He or she can give you a few tips and teach you some basic weight training exercises to jumpstart your muscle building venture. Additionally, make sure you're finishing your new workout routine with a serving of Hallelujah Diet Essential Protein Powder. This organic supplement will help you maintain a lean body while also building strong bones and strengthening your immune system.
Weight training can prevent weight gain.Weight training can prevent weight gain.
Stop with the Sweets The other reason you may gain excess weight during menopause isn't rocket science. If you like to binge on sweets, now's a good time to drop the bad habit. Many sugar-ridden calories come from beverages, such as soda, energy drinks, flavored waters, alcoholic drinks, sweet teas and sweetened coffee. Bakery items, as well as packaged meals and snacks and other non-natural "food" products, are loaded with refined sugars, adding more width to your waistline with every bite. If you're serious about losing weight or preventing excess weight gain during menopause, it's time to reconsider your snacking and drinking habits. Water, fresh juices, fruits, nuts and seeds are beneficial alternatives that are tasty and guilt-free! Reconsider Your Diet There's a common assumption that to lose weight, you need to eat less. However, this statement is too broad and false. Certainly, you need to eat fewer sweets and processed foods - rather, you should stop eating them in general - but eating an abundance of organic, nutritious options can aid weight loss! Following the Hallelujah Diet is one of the easiest way to ensure you're getting all of your necessary vitamins and minerals during menopause, all while assisting in weight gain prevention and weight loss. Eating more organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains that contain loads of fiber will benefit your waistline. Lean proteins, such as nuts, legumes, lentils, broccoli, asparagus and leafy greens can kickstart weight loss prevention, as well. Just take a look at all of the stories shared by our followers regarding their weight loss journey on the Hallelujah Diet! Let Luminology Lend a Hand If you need more assistance mitigating the symptoms that come with perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause, try our Luminology line. Each supplement is clinically proven to reduce common symptoms associated with this midlife change, including irregular periods, sleep deprivation, mood swings and more. Learn more about our Luminology supplements - Balance, Clarity and Breeze - today.

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