Tips for Planning a Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips for Planning a Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, because it is an opportunity to thank God for the abundance of blessings that we enjoy. Many families celebrate the season by gathering for a feast on Thanksgiving Day, and spending the day preparing delicious food and enjoying the company of everyone around. One of the difficult things that you might be facing on Thanksgiving is staying consistent with your healthy eating goals, because often the Thanksgiving meal is prepared with many unhealthy ingredients. Here are a few ways that you can make your meal healthier:

Add More Vegetables

When you are planning the side dishes for your Thanksgiving meal, look for ways that you can add more vegetables on the menu. There are a variety of delicious recipes that are perfect for the holiday season, including: Check out the ingredients in these recipes, and you will see that you can prepare traditional holiday foods with healthier ingredient substitutions.

Decrease the Sugar

Many holiday celebrations are loaded with sweet treats, and the high amounts of sugar can be dangerous to your health. Instead of overloading on so many desserts, look for ways to add more fresh fruits and decrease the desserts that you are eating. For example, you don’t need to have fudge, caramel popcorn, and pie for dessert! Choose one type of dessert to serve with the meal, which keeps it simple and decreases the amount of sugar served with the meal. Also, pay attention to the recipes that include added sugar, such as sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows on top. Instead of loading the sweet potatoes with lots of sugar, look for ways to decrease the amount of sugar that is used. You can also make substitutions, such as using real maple syrup instead of refined white sugar.

Go for a Walk after Dinner

After everyone has enjoyed their meal, make the suggestion to spend the rest of the afternoon at the park or enjoying the outdoors. It is healthy to increase physical activity, and you can support the overall health and wellness of everyone who is participating. Many families enjoy the tradition of playing a game of football out in the yard. Others spend time setting up the Christmas tree together. Find a family tradition that incorporates physical activities, to get everyone moving during the holiday season.

Use Digestive Enzymes

Taking enzymes with every meal is a great way to improve digestion and increase the availability of the vitamins and minerals in the food. These digestive enzymes are definitely helpful when eating a big holiday meal! Have a bottle of high quality enzyme supplements available for everyone to use, because the enzymes will help people to feel better after the meal is over.

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