Tips for Glowing Skin at Any Age

Tips for Glowing Skin at Any Age

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It is possible to have healthy glowing skin at any age, and the health of your skin is directly impacted by the daily choices that you are making. Do you want to improve the health of your skin? Follow these tips to create beautiful skin from the inside-out:

Use Sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the fastest ways to make your skin look old, discolored and wrinkled. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. When you spend a lot of time in the sun, you should expect that your skin will start to age more quickly. Instead of allowing the signs of aging to happen quickly because of sun damage, make sure that you avoid the sun during the middle of the day. If you are spending time in the sun, use a high quality sunscreen to protect your skin. Make sure to read the ingredient label though, because some of the expensive brands of sunscreen are full of chemicals that are absorbed through the skin into the body. So, look for a brand of natural sunscreen instead.

Choose the Right Skin Care Products

You can protect your skin by using safe skincare products, and these products can make a big difference since they are applied to the surface of your skin on a daily basis. When it comes to skincare, don’t settle for a low quality product just to save a few bucks. Look for a serum with safe, non-toxic ingredients that will boost collagen production, fight free radicals, and give your skin a youthful appearance.

Watch What You Eat

Most women are selective about their dietary choices because they want to lose weight, and they don’t realize that their dietary choices will have a direct impact on their skin health as well. If you want a youthful appearance, then you should eat plenty of foods that are high in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. Also, be sure that you are eating foods with omega-3 essential fatty acids that will support collagen production and overall wellness of the skin.

Daily Skin Care Routines

Even if you are tired at night, don’t make the mistake of falling into bed without washing your face. Your skin care routine should happen each morning and night, and it should include cleanser and moisturizer at a minimum. Cleansing the skin will get rid of dirt, build-up and impurities, and the moisturizer locks in the hydration to keep your skin supple and smooth.

Drink Plenty of Water

When you keep your body hydrated, it supports the natural cleansing functions of the body. Water is important to maintain healthy kidneys, liver, and support overall digestion. When these cleansing functions are working well, toxins and waste can be flushed out through the natural elimination processes. Cleansing the organs is beneficial to reduce the body’s need to get rid of waste through the skin.

Balance Your Hormones

Maintaining balanced hormones is a critical factor in supporting the health of your skin, and you should use a quality supplement to support hormones levels within your body. Check out the products in our Luminology line to find the right supplement for women at every stage in life.

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