Here are a few natural ways you can avoid osteoporosis and take back control of your wellness.

Tips for Avoiding Osteoporosis

Here are a few natural ways you can avoid osteoporosis and take back control of your wellness.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is common in the U.S. Nearly 54 million people live with the condition or have low bone mass, putting them on the verge of developing osteoporosis in the future. But this figure isn't the only surprising statistic surrounding the debilitating disease; the NOF reports that osteoporosis causes 2 million broken bones annually, resulting in about $19 billion in related health care costs. Within the next 10 years, the condition is expected to be responsible for 3 million fractures and cost $25.3 billion in care every year.

Avoiding osteoporosis isn't critical for only your health; it's crucial for staying out of the hospital and forking hard-earned money over to the so-called health experts. Here are a few natural ways you can avoid osteoporosis and take back total control of your wellness:

Exercise Regularly
You already know that physical activity is imperative for healthy aging. But the benefits go beyond helping you maintain a regular weight and enhancing your mood. Weight bearing exercise can improve your posture, movement, flexibility and balance while strengthening your bones to prevent the development of osteoporosis. But remember: Overdoing any type of exercise can put too much strain on your bones and muscles, which can ultimately weaken your joints. That's why you need to constantly switch things up to reduce putting too much pressure on a certain set of joints.

"Exercise improves your posture, movement, flexibility and balance."

Head to the local fitness center to see what kind of exercise classes they offer. A mixture of cardiovascular options, such as biking and jogging, plus other strength and endurance activities, like swimming and lifting weights, can strengthen your bones and muscles, as well as increase overall movement in your body. The improved balance and posture can also reduce your risk of falling and breaking bones in the future.

Prioritize Rest
Do you follow the National Sleep Foundation's daily recommendations of 7 to 9 hours of rest every night? If not, you could be at greater risk for osteoporosis. A study conducted by researchers at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk found that men and women aged 50 and older who slept six hours or fewer every night had a higher potential of developing osteoporosis in comparison to those who slept the recommended amount. To ensure you're prioritizing healthy sleep patterns, reevaluate your bedroom. Make sure the temperature is comfortable and the room is dark enough to keep you sleeping throughout the night. A soothing sound system or earplugs, depending on how sound impacts your sleep, can also be beneficial.

Follow an Alkalizing Diet
Perhaps it's time to improve your current eating habits. A highly acidic diet, such as the Standard American Diet, can cause conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, gout and other physically debilitating problems. An eating regimen that prioritizes natural, plant-based foods can prevent such conditions from developing. According to Rev. Malkmus, our own health expert and founder of the Hallelujah Diet, most foods from God's garden are alkaline and create the perfect balance of acidity and alkalinity to maintain strong bones and promote ultimate wellness.

"A highly alkaline plant based diet, along with daily resistance exercises, will not only usually prevent the development of osteoporosis, but will in most instances initiate the innate self-healing needed to reverse the problem," according to Malkmus. "In time, this self-healing will restore bones to their proper density and strength."

Join us on the path to better wellness, and follow the Hallelujah Diet to reap the many benefits of God's natural sustenance.

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