Timeless Health

Timeless Health

My parents are pretty spry for their ages. Mom is 85, Dad is 83 and they've been married for more than 60 years. They've heard me talk a lot about The Hallelujah Diet; I've encouraged them to “just try it” for years. But how can I argue with their logic that they’ve “made it this far” on meat and potatoes and still living in their own home while many of their friends are in assisted living facilities? Furthermore, they don't think they're unhealthy. They just have the “typical’ problems of “old age,” a few aches and pains, lack of energy. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? So, finally, I decided to try a different approach. Paul and I sent them a “Hallelujah Senior Kit” we put together for them: BarleyMax for vitality, vitamin D3 for immune system support and healthy bones, Hallelujah Acres Professional Strength Probiotics for healthy gut bacteria and better digestion, and Hallelujah Acres B-Flax-D for colon, heart, and blood health. I didn't ask them to change their diet, just add the supplements to their normal routine. Well, it didn’t take long for them to notice that something had changed. "BarleyMax has helped me a lot," Mom told me. "We had extreme fatigue — but we weren’t tired when we drank it.” For Mom and Dad, that was the clincher: Energy! Not to mention, they’ve been able to escape the colds and flu that everyone else catches. I never thought Mom and Dad would even try BarleyMax, but they've started to see that there is a connection between diet and health; they've made a salad standard at every meal now. They still eat many Standard American Diet foods but they are compensating with better nutrition. If you have elderly parents who are in relatively good health and don’t want to change their diet and lifestyle, don’t worry over it and don’t try to change their world. It doesn’t work. Just ask them to try one, new, simple thing. Maybe you can encourage them to start eating more raw food or send them a container of BarleyMax. Keep it simple. Plant the seed. Give it some time. The benefits will speak for themselves. What do your parents say about The Hallelujah Diet?

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