This Month is the Perfect Time to Prepare Meals as Delicious as They are Nutritious

This Month is the Perfect Time to Prepare Meals as Delicious as They are Nutritious

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July is National Culinary Arts Month, an annual reminder that the culinary arts can help anyone to learn how to cook from scratch, be creative in the kitchen and appreciate why it’s optimal to use the best and freshest ingredients. If you love to cook—or want to see if there is a chef lurking inside of you, just waiting for the right inspiration—now is the time to whip up some great meals. After all, with the increased popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs, the kitchen is the cool place to be. And, with greater awareness of the importance of real nutrition, more and more people are discovering that the healthiest foods can be incredibly tasty with the right recipes. Hallelujah Diet’s main focus is described simply with our tagline: “Fall in love with food again.” Our dozens and dozens of free recipes demonstrate our commitment to the conviction that taste and nutrition are not mutually exclusive. In fact, with the increased national focus on both gourmet cooking and real nutrition, more and more people and chefs are advancing the art of preparing dishes that taste as good or better than unhealthy meals that follow the Standard American Diet (SAD) that has created so much obesity and illness. Increasingly, people are turning to the kind of plant-based diet that Hallelujah Diet espouses to decrease risk of disease and maintain a more vibrant lifestyle. You can learn to be a gourmet chef in just five days
Fall in Love with Food Again
Our very own Chef Richard has created many of the best recipes that Hallelujah Diet makes available to you. They can be found in his Fall in Love with Food Again blog. Chef Richard is Executive Chef and Culinary Instructor for Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat & Culinary Academy. At the Academy, in just five days, you can learn to create raw gourmet, vegan dishes like those made by master chefs in fine restaurants. Your professional culinary guidance will be provided by:
  • A former restaurateur
  • A certified raw food chef
  • Vegan culinary experts
You will gain hands-on mastery of all the skills you need to create meals that will astonish family and friends, fuel everyone with living nutrition and satisfy every taste bud. Click here for more information.

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